Slice of Life Tuesday: A Writing Dance

Lately, if I were to be honest, I’m struggling with my writing a little bit. While I don’t think this is unusual for most writers, I find it somewhat odd for me. I’ve written almost daily since February of 2017. To date, I’ve made 1,223 posts, not counting today’s, and had over 37,000 views from 24,000 visitors to my blog. I established a post just for Sunday – a post without words, just photographs – another of my creative pastimes. As a blogger, I feel successful. Many people read my posts regularly and I’ve “met” some awesome fellow bloggers and published authors.

But, despite the success, I feel a nagging to move beyond my blog. I posted a few pieces to the Medium website. Meh. Not much happened. I suppose I really did not give it much of a chance.

I started to look at where I could publish some of my poetry. But, as some of you are aware, this is easier said than done. Did you know that many publishers of poetry (online or in print) will not publish if your piece has been published before and this includes blogs? I found that out yesterday! So while trying to establish an audience, most of my best work went into my blog. But, now I cannot do anything else with it. This means, I need to write some fresh pieces or scour my files for something I haven’t already put out there. It was disappointing. Still, I took the hopeful chance of sending for a copy of one literary magazine and downloading another.

Over the last six months, I joined several online writing groups. Yesterday, I unsubscribed to one of them. The others are on my list to chuck as well. I haven’t gleaned anything useful from them, other than they want my time and subscription fees. The daily (or, sometimes more than daily) emails are intrusive and pressure-filled.

I looked into self publishing by attending an online webinar held by a local author last May. She offered a lot of good information. But, I seem to work in fits and starts towards that goal. This week, as well as last, I pushed off writing my blog until the evening, so I could spend time during the day on my other writing goals. Again, meh. At this point, I’m not sure I’m afraid of the rejection or the possible success. All I know is that I’m not working towards my writing goals with 100% motivation and satisfaction.

Yes, I know. We’re all in a hard place this year. 2020 has been so odd. From the polarizing political climate to the lack of my ability to continue to teach as a non-formal environmental educator due to social distancing and organizational shut downs, I feel, as probably do millions of others, stymied. I feel like my feet are stuck in the ground while my torso is leaning forward but unable to move. Does that make sense?

A couple of years ago, my sons gave me advice that still resonates with me. I need to do what makes me happy. Am I trying to prove something with my writing? What do I really want to say? Why is publishing my work so important? When I was just writing my daily blog, I was more content. I produced better pieces, in my opinion. Certainly writing in the morning was a better option than waiting until the end of the day when I am spent. I feel like I’m doing a writing dance with myself, and now it’s time so make a slow turn backwards, or even sit a few out.

After I do that, we’ll see where the muse leads.

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday. Thank you to the TwoWritingTeachers blog for extending an opportunity each week for us to share our writing. I also want to thank the individuals who contribute each week who are supportive and thoughtful in both their posts and comments!

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  1. Funny how writing it like that. I have thought I stopping my blog many times and with a short break always find myself returning. You will find your way – this may be what you need to take the next step in your work. Hang in there.

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    1. Thanks, Joanne. So much about writing is establishing habits and rituals. I really wasn’t contemplating stopping my blog, just taking my writing more places. Still figuring it out but I’ll perserve! I appreciate your support and comments!


  2. I really feel you on this, and I understand your desire and your pull to move your writing forward.

    I also tried Medium several years ago, before it was the big ole thing it is now. Mixed results, as you had.

    I enjoy reading your writing, and I have perfect faith in you. I have to imagine that your talent, your stories, will find a way to be told and be read. ❤

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  3. Writing is a part of us and not something that is easily given up. Although we may stay away from it for a time it always pulls us back. The urge to find new forums in which to share our work is strong and you will find that perfect place for your words.

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  4. I, for one, look forward to your blogs. While I may not comment every time, your words flow in ways I would never be able to replicate, which I suppose it a good thing on it’s own. Sometimes, that little break in the writing, whether a few days or a month, is what soul needs to feel refreshed and the words need to feel renewed. Whatever route you’ll go, you’ll find a way to tell your story! For this, I am quite certain! 🙂

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