Post Holiday Diet Update

When one is successful at loosing weight, your first holiday season post weight loss is somewhat scary. Prior to Thursday, the American Thanksgiving holiday, all I wanted was to celebrate with a traditional meal. So, we did just that. I ate turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad with hot bacon dressing, homemade cider, triple berry crostata, and apple pie. And, then I wondered…….

Did I gain weight? Yes. Is it gone already? Yes.

As my husband reminded me, now that we reached our respective goal weights it is more about maintaining a reasonable calorie intake than about the low carb diet that got us there. Admittedly, I think he’s right. The diet got us off snacking, and off overeating, which we both recognize that we were doing on a regular basis. I don’t eat when I’m not hungry now, either. Empty calories such as candy and still off the table.

However, that said, yesterday I had three servings of bread. I had a toasted cheese for lunch (just that and some fresh raw vegetables). For dinner, we had hot ham sandwiches on rolls which we have not had in over six months. And, then I had a brownie with a small scoop of ice cream for dessert.

Today, I am being more careful realizing that I was quite indulgent yesterday. I’ll boil some eggs to have for lunches later in the week and watch what I eat for meals. Also, of note, I have not been weighing myself everyday. Yesterday, I was back exactly at my goal weight. Today, I didn’t want to know. Taking a weight every two to three days is what I did on the diet and what I will do now. Like everything, weight fluctuates so a daily number is not really necessary. It’s the trend that counts.

I’m also being extra careful with eating habits because it seems I am having a return bout of insomnia. Lack of sleep is something I don’t do well with so, I need to try and keep busy during the day, eat well but not overeat, and regulate my sleep routine. Usually, listening to music helps as well, but today, I just had to shut it off. Hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy some holiday tunes as I begin decorating this week.

All and all, we ate our traditional holiday meal and my weight didn’t suffer. I’m happy about that. It makes me feel more confident going into the Christmas season that I can have a cookie or even two and not damage the last three months of work on dieting.

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