Slice of Life Tuesday: Donate to your Passions

Not only is this Slice of Life Tuesday but it is also what has come to be known as Giving Tuesday. It’s the day after Cyber Monday that is reserved to encourage and remind people to give to a cause close to their heart.

There are so many worth while organizations and efforts being put forth that one can really hone in on which is most important for you to support personally. What you chose to support with donations at this or any time of year can be (and probably should be) influenced by your personal path in life. Take a minute and think about your passions.

What could be eradicated?

Childhood cancer, premature births, diabetes, breast cancer, and colon cancer all come to mind. There are many organizations that work towards ending these diseases. You can choose to support one that touches you personally. St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis Tennessee comes to mind, as does March of Dimes (I am not looking for a debate on this organization). For years, as a former NICU nurse working with premature and unhealthy full term babies, March of Dimes received a small donation from me to continue their educational work in preventing premature birth. It made sense to me because I saw the effects of infant morbidity and mortality from prematurity. Your donation will be easier and feel better it you support something you personally believe in.

What should be sustained?

Pollinators, such as monarch butterflies and bee populations certainly have a crucial role to play for the environment and for us, as well. Did you know that one in three bites of food is due to a bee pollinating a plant? It’s true! Well, there are organizations that will support pollinators and habitat for pollinators. I have a few favorites to share.

Last year, at this time, Monarch Joint Venture was the recipient of a donation from me. It is a non-profit organization that supports the monarch butterfly population through collaboration with business, research, and education. Their high quality curricular materials are readily available to the public and I’ve used them often to aid my educational presentations on monarchs. They also revise their materials frequently to reflect the most current research and methods to help create habitat and sustain the miraculous monarch migration. I’ve supported this non-profit based in St. Paul, MN since its inception.

The Pollinator Partnership is another worthy organization that works to educate and sustain insects that pollinate plants so we can eat and live amongst the beauty of flowers and crops.

I have linked to the organizations mentioned in today’s post. They a merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to where you can send your Giving Tuesday donation. And, if this year has been particularly hard and you cannot afford to give even a small donation, you can always volunteer! I’ve done both and they both make you feel like you are supporting community, being connected, and part of a larger life picture. In other words, it makes your heart swell to help.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most organizations need help all year. To encourage you to think about where you could help in the coming year, again, think of your passions. Since 2007, I’ve been a supporting member of The Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club since 2014, and some other nature based organizations over time. They fit with my desire to heal the earth and care for all species who inhabit it, but my donations are not sent at this time of year. So, even if you cannot donate today and cannot volunteer due to the pandemic, don’t forget to consider donating time or money during the coming months. Help is always needed.

Thank you for what you do. Are you donating today? Let me know what you support in the comments!

Purple Prairie Clover. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2020

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6 thoughts

  1. Some of the organizations you mentioned are new to me. I’m delighted to learn about them! The Pollinator Partnership and the Monarch Journey are new to me. I’m planning to check out their sites right after this.

    That said, I’ve been donating to food banks more than ever this year. While that may not have been my go-to organization to support on Giving Tuesdays past, I know there are so many people in need this year that it’s time for me to redirect those funds.

    That said, our local community had an Extra Give event prior to Thanksgiving. Over $13 million was raised. That event introduced me to a new organization, that focuses on both nourishing people’s bodies and minds, that I donated to.

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    1. Ah, food banks are such a worthy cause. We regularly donate to those as well. And, the salvation army buckets always receive some generous donations from us outside our local grocery store. When one can afford to purchase the food you want, as well as what you need, it just makes sense to help others do the same! Thanks, Stacey! I hope you enjoyed looking at the other organizations and what they have to offer!


  2. I made a contribution to our local library foundation. I’ve always been a library supporter, and I’ve so appreciated the ways they have adapted to provide services during COVID. I like your reminder that there are needs year round, and not just for Giving Tuesday.

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    1. Oh, the library foundation sounds like a great cause! I love books and going to the library – ours has been resilient during the pandemic as well – still providing ways for the community to get books, even when we were locked down! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. My mom always collected for March of Dimes. She would go door to door on our block to solicit donations. You brought back a warm childhood memory for me.

    This year my donations were to two student projects – collecting items to distribute to the homeless and one collecting to provide Christmas gifts to struggling families.

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    1. Rita, I am glad you could relate to the post. So many people I know bash March of Dimes and I still feel they do good. Your donations will certainly be welcome to the worthy causes you chose! Thanks for the comments!


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