Slice of Life Tuesday: Uplifting

Yesterday, while I wrote about the lack of joy I was experiencing decorating for the Christmas holiday, something magical happened! This is the story……

We’ve been getting a lot of packages delivered and while checking the front porch yesterday mid-afternoon, I found there had been not one but two deliveries. One was a small box addressed to our son, the artist, who regularly has packages arrive. Thankfully, he also has packages with the artwork he’s sold regularly go out as well.

But, the other delivery? It was not in a box. It did not have a card. But, one could not miss it. There, laying against the house, amidst the still present fall flower decorations was a large, live, evergreen bough wreath. It was beautiful!

The mystery was, however, who sent such a beautiful gift?

My first thought was my husband had purchased it and put it there because I had not yet taken the fall decorations down. So, I asked him. No. He had not bought a wreath.

Then, I started thinking of friends that might make such a nice gesture. I asked a few of them. No, no, no, and no were the responses I received back. By dinnertime, I was stumped. I hung the wreath and took a photograph.

I posted on social media – “Did anyone leave a lovely wreath on our doorstep today?” I got lots of response to the post but it wasn’t until later in the evening that we heard from the person who gave it to us.

It was such a wonderful gesture from a young person we know. She was thanking us for some deeds done and yet to be done. Deeds we did not do because we wanted to receive a wreath or any tangible form of thanks. Deeds we did because we wanted to. And, it appears she had the same motivation and desire.

On a day when my heart needed it, I was filled with gratitude and joy.

To quote Gene Wilder from one of my favorite movies, the iconic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,

“So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

Yes. This.

Thank you, Emma.

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday. Thank you to for hosting this weekly forum on their blog. I am proud to have participated for in this group since 2017. I am grateful for such a supportive community of fellow writers.

8 thoughts

  1. I think THIS holiday season, it may be MOST important to think about how we can help others to smile and have a better day. Shhhhh…I’m sending flowers to a few special people soon just to tell them I am thinking about them and hope they can stay safe and healthy – even if they are lonely and bored.


  2. And I am grateful for YOU, and the beautiful writing you continue to share. I love the story of this wreath that brought you this bit of joy, this magic. It’s amazing how someone can do something so small to them, but so big and meaningful to us. The world turns on such kindness.

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    1. Lainie, THANK YOU so much! It means a lot that you are grateful for me and my contributions made by writing. Since this happened last week, I am thinking of ways I can do something small but kind for others in our community. You are right – the world turns on such. Thanks again!


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