Carving time for writing or football?

For almost four years, I’ve written my blog daily. Occasionally, I write additionally on other projects. So, I’ve established a writing habit. It is important to establish this as a writer. It’s been relatively easy to write each day. I have a desk, a laptop, and ideas. I am an efficient typist.

But, when prompted what my day would hold today, I responded that I wanted to spend some time on non-blog writing. It’s almost three o’clock in the afternoon and I have not done it yet. I have to ask myself if I am avoiding it. I’ve chosen to sew, to take ornaments off of our Christmas tree, and now watch a little football. The last activity amazes me!

On the T.V. is the AFC wildcard game with the Indianapolis Colts and the Buffalo Bills. I lived in Buffalo for a total of ten years in my younger days. As I’ve written before, Buffalo loves its football team. The fans are crazy about their team. And, this year has been stellar. A young, talented quarterback has led this team to a winning season. Whether it ends today or not, still remains to be seen.

I guess I’m making excuses. I should be writing. I should be working on my poetry pdf files. And, still I sit. I hope Buffalo wins. It would be nice for this team and even nicer for the fans that have waited loyally so long for a winning post season. It would make my friends there happy! And, maybe, just maybe, me too!


A 1995 Buffalonian

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  1. Wow it’s amazing that you can blog every day for more than four years. I myself write every day, but the topics differ. But I guess what’s most important is that we practice the habit daily though. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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