Foodie Monday: New Favorites

Do you ever find yourself in a food rut, having the same meals over and over, week to week? We find this regularly. If our family likes a certain meal we might have it once a week for a few months – this was true of the Buffalo Chicken recipe when we first found this spicy and delightful dish that really tastes like wings. But, then, it gets old – no matter how much every one enjoys the food.

When we were on the Keto Diet, it necessitated that we find new recipes to fit the decreased carbohydrate load. I definitely had what I referred to as “food boredom” when were on this diet. But, now that we are off it, looking for new, tasty recipes has been fun.

We are still watching out daily calories and trying to maintain healthy eating habits, however. But, it is more difficult that is should be. Many of the food magazines we get include the nutritional information. But, one – The Food Network magazine seems to routinely not list this information. The food looks great and sounds delicious, but I really don’t know what I’m eating nutritionally. It’s a little frustrating.

Then, just before Christmas, my husband came across a recipes for Sausage Egg Rolls in a bowl in the recent (Dec./Jan 2021 issue) of All Recipes. This recipe is so easy, tasty, and fragrant when cooking. It’s a winner and a new favorite for our entire family! We’ve made it a number of times in the last six weeks. One of our sons asked for the recipe after he got back to his apartment following his stay with us during Christmas week, when we had the dish. We had it with Naan flat bread (our own addition) and that is a great accompaniment. Best of all, the nutrition information is available on the recipe.

Another new favorite was a dessert recipe called Mound Bars from a recent issue of All Recipes. All the nutritional information is listed on this tasty treat as well. When I posted about these bars on my social media page, most had been making them for years as a staple bar cookie recipe or dessert. Well, they were new to us, and quickly a favorite. The recipe is here.

And, to round things out, I’ll share where I found one of our favorite holiday treats for gifting. It is homemade cherry bounce. The recipe uses Montmorency cherries, of which we grow and use our own. This November was the third time I’ve made the rich, cherry red concoction. It was requested of me and I was happy to oblige. The recipe I use is from Door County. It is similar to this one. The ingredients are all the same and I use a quality brand of triple distilled vodka for the liquor for our cherry bounce liqueur. The thing that makes this recipe a hit is that it is not only delicious but made from our our fruit! You just can’t beat that!

So, the next time you find yourself in a food rut, just look for some fun new recipes. You have a head start with the three I shared today, but there are so many more!

Get cookin’!


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