Keto Monday: Oh, No!

Oh, no! Will I have to return to a Keto Diet?

I asked myself this over the weekend, as I noted that I’ve recently gained back almost two pounds of my thirteen pound weight loss. Last year, my husband and I spent several months using an Adkins type Keto Diet to loose some extra weight. Both of us obtained our weight loss goal in the late summer to early fall and kept the weight off through the holidays.


Here it is mid-February and I am wondering if we need to return to the diet again. Lately, I’ve noticed that we are indulging in more potatoes, rice, and bread with dinnertime meals. A snack might be a handful of Pepperidge Farm goldfish or a piece of candy – both things we did not eat while on the diet.

We traveled and ate donuts.

We also had more take out in the last few weeks than we’ve had all during the 11 months of the pandemic! Pizza, fast food, and desserts have crept back into the diet. Af first this wasn’t daily, but slowly it’s becoming more habitual. Again.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the cannoli my husband bought for our Valentine’s dessert. I loved the homemade cast iron skillet pizza our son made us for dinner Saturday. I enjoyed the mini-triple berry pies I made a few weeks ago, before our youngest son moved out. It’s all been tasty and hard to refuse. So, we haven’t. And, the pounds show – if not on us – on the scale.

Both my husband and I are up a few pounds from our goal weight. I can recount the reasons for why this is, as I did above. What I didn’t count on was almost two weeks of subzero temperatures that have worked to keep us indoors. I know that this has greatly affected my husband’s activity level (and, thus calorie burning). Mine has probably been more affected by the sitting we’ve done in the car during our travels. Of course, this affected my husband too, but he’s also missing long daily walks with the dog.

So, here it is, mid-winter and I’ve gained a couple of pounds. My achieved goal was 125 pounds which I maintained over the holidays. Today, I weighed 126.8. Is it a big deal? No. Do I have to go back on the Keto Diet? No. Should I? I honestly don’t know.

I am going to watch what I eat this week and see if I can regain a downward trend. If not, Keto Journey II will commence on next Monday! Stay tuned!

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