Bad Apples

Can you tell an apple is bad by how it looks?


Can you tell an apple is bad by its color?


Can you tell an apple is bad because of the way it hangs on the tree?


Can you tell an apple is bad because of its name?


If an apple had a job, could you tell how well it did its job by the job’s name?


If an apple has one tiny worm hole, is it bad?


If an apple has scale or rust, is it bad?


Until you taste the apple, you do not know whether it is bad or not. And, even then, different people have different tastes. Some like the sourness of a Granny Smith, some prefer the sweetness of a Red Delicious. Some like Honeycrisp, just because that’s what they are called. Some like MacIntosh or Cortlands because that is what they grew up with. Some like the newly developed varieties and some like older, established, traditional apples. Some don’t have access to apples and some don’t care for this type of fruit. But, until you try each apple, you just don’t know about it.

You might now realize that this post is not really about apples, it’s about people. I see lots of blaming of people who belong to certain groups, just because they hold the same job or look the same.

This is not right.

Try not to judge.

Give everyone grace.

Even those who make mistakes.

Maybe, especially those who make mistakes!

We need order in our society for it to thrive.

Someone has to hold others accountable for disturbing the order.

This post was inspired by a social media post I saw this morning asking for a moratorium on traffic stops. No! I sincerely do not think that is the answer at all. Let’s start by not breaking the law in the first place. And, if you chose to break the law, cooperate when you are caught! We need to respect our law enforcement and the job they do to try and keep us all safe. My rant is done; I’ve said my piece. I realize it is just my opinion but have the right to state it, just like the person asking for a moratorium on traffic stops. Being American, we all have rights. But, breaking the law is not one of them. You do that at your own risk.

6 thoughts

  1. And I’m just going to say this. The disappointment of biting into an apple and have it be mealy…it’s just…a bleak and disheartening proposition.

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    1. Hmmm. Yes, I guess I missed that part in my analogy. This post was odd – usually people I know do not comment on my posts (I post to my personal FB page). But, this one was different….. got a lot of comments there and only yours on here! It was a post out of character for me, but something I just had to write. I dislike mealy apples too!

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