Returning to Normalcy

Slowly, we are returning to normal. In the last month, we have eaten in a restaurant three times. Two of these times were just my husband and I at a higher end fast food place. But, Thursday, we went out to dinner with our youngest son, his girlfriend, and her parents. This took place at a popular, downtown restaurant. I cannot tell you how enjoyable it was! Good food, good conversation, and a relaxed atmosphere, all accompanied by a feeling of returning to normal.

In the last two weeks, we’ve had two couples over for dinner on consecutive Wednesday nights. Light fare, a cocktail or glass of wine, beer, and pizza filled the kitchen with warmth and friendship, along with stories and laughter. It all felt so good. Both were impromptu invitations, but both readily accepted by our friends.

May is the time of college graduations. My nephew graduated from the University of Pittsburg and is staying there for grad school. Others we know from our boys’ time in high school are graduating from local colleges and will start their “adult” lives soon.

It seems that it is a time of new beginnings. Lilacs always remind me of the rebirth at this time of year. Their fragrance is intoxicating and the blooms, rich in color, are eye-catching. This regular phenological occurrence reminds me of the cycle of normal life.

Our middle school started a new job this week. He was very excited about it and was especially so because, “no one was grumpy!” Our youngest and oldest sons are home for a visit. Both met with friends. One to play soccer with his former high school classmates and one to hike and look over the beautiful Mississippi River from a stately bluff side trail. This is not new, but again, a return to normalcy.

Trips are being planned. We will be headed to the great State of Arizona in October to visit the national parklands there. I’ve always wanted to see the desert and the iconic Saguaro cactus, so I am thrilled that I will have this chance. Other venues, like Hawaii and Bermuda, are being watched for any announcements regarding changes in quarantining visitors. The desire to travel is strong.

Lunch dates are put on the calendar, as I will get to see some friends I have not seen in the last year. Hopefully, as the weather warms, coffee dates will be added as well. We will resume our breakfast dates with friends this week.

Yes, things are returning to normal. I can feel it. And, it feels good!

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  1. Oh, it DOES feel good. Each of these “normal” things, though, comes with it a sense of anxiety upon doing it the first time. Slowly but surely, though. I’ll know things have really returned when I can freely hug my students again.

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    1. This is off topic but your comment reminded me of a sub training workshop I took way back in 2007. It was offered by our cooperative board of education. The instructors (all teachers) told us never to hug our students (they cited liability issues). I found this so hard to understand and ignored it. If the student came to me for a hug – I gave one. Some students need those signs of caring and affection – maybe they don’t get any at home. Anyway, those words always rang in my head but since I didn’t understand it, I chose to ignore it. Obviously, the pandemic is a different story so I’ll be happy for you when you can freely do this!

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      1. I had been given those warnings as well, along with the conversations as camp counselors: lap-sitting, time alone with kids. Ohhhh to just be HUMAN.

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    1. lol….well, it’s something my husband never lets me forget! I mean, he needed the hug! Scabies is treatable, after all. Actually, I hugged him before the diagnosis when I retrieved him from the waiting room! Love the response! You made me laugh!

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