Saturday’s Song

“Busy, Busy, Busy,” said the flower to the bee! And, so I felt like that bee in my busy-ness.

My day started with bright sunshine flooding our yard full of purple perennials and pink annuals. False Blue Indigo, Siberian Iris, Lavender Monarda, and Purple Bearded Iris stand tall in our beds while deep (purple petunias and pink wave petunias dot the borders.

Siberian Iris. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

Friday was 95 here in West Central Wisconsin. Last night, an hour before sundown, I watered my plants in our vegetable bed. Earlier I watered the plants in pots. It’s hot. But, strangely enough I am motivated to be in the yard, even in this heat, to weed and take satisfaction in the beauty of the plants we’ve placed over the years. My husband made me a Leopold bench early this spring and that now adorns the walkway to our front door. I chose this spot so I could look at the coulee beyond and not the multitude of houses springing up to the south of our home. I realized that I’ve only sat there once so far this year. That will have to change.

White Oak Leopold Bench – made by my husband. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021.

But, after welcoming the day with sun and the promise of more heat, I went out to continue weeding one of our large perennial beds. As I weeded, I decided to pot up some of the newly sprouting perennials that continue to spread from our existing plants. Heliopsis and iris were added to one pot and Black-eyed Susan’s in another. I’ll coax them along for eventual re-planting in another yard. While I worked I listened to this orioles’ song.

Female Oriole. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021.

The mail also revealed another positive note in that I received my May check from the gallery in Iowa where I have my handcrafted jewelry on sale. It was a fairly large checked despite the fact that they take 40% of my profits as part of the consignment agreement. This small white envelope with an enclosed inventory list really made my day. I had started to wonder if my time at the gallery had passed. I guess not. Now, I feel motivated to continue making pieces and get them to Iowa. May was a great month for my jewelry sales. I’m very grateful that my motivation has been restored!

This afternoon we have plans. It’s to be another day in the mid-90’s. We were fortunate to be invited to go out on the river (Mississippi and Black Rivers) on their pontoon boat. We had such a nice time that I’m finishing this post Sunday morning. It ended up being 99 degrees yesterday! The river was calm, yet low. We meandered out to a shallow spot and moored the boat, got out and sat in the river on chairs. After several hours, we meandered back. It was a beautiful Saturday in Wisconsin. And, we didn’t even notice the high temperature on the river – it was the place to be!

Ride on the River! © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021.

Today is ordinarily Silent Sunday. Since I had this post half written yesterday, I wanted to get it posted. Perhaps, later today, I will post my traditional Silent Sunday, Photography Post. Enjoy your day!

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