String of Semi-connected Thoughts

Over the last ten days, I’ve been visiting a hospital in Western New York where my mom has been hospitalized. Here hare some of my my thoughts:

  • ICU is not a pleasant place – for anyone – it is truly an overstimulating environment.
  • The pandemic has changed how visitation works in a hospital as well as our communities.
  • Hospital food is not appetizing.
  • The flow of information gets complicated.
  • One needs to ask questions and not just wait to be told.
  • Nurses are great people.
  • There are things about being a nurse that I miss.
  • I was a good nurse.
  • I love my mom.
  • I love my dad.
  • My husband is my rock.
  • More people = more traffic.
  • Impatience is ruining our society.
  • People drive like maniacs and think you are going too slow even if you are 5 miles over the speed limit.
  • Shopping therapy works.
  • Thank those that help you.
  • Be as generous with your time as you are with your wealth.
  • Read and be informed.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Outcomes don’t rest solely on my shoulders.
  • Family is important.
  • Friends can be a wonderful support.
  • Live your life, you don’t know when or how it will change.
  • Some of these thoughts will turn into full fledged posts in the future. (I’m sure of it!)

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday. My thoughts are random and just things that have occurred to me over the last week – all true slices of my life. I figured that if a six word sentence was acceptable for a post so is a list of random thoughts.

I have managed to write a few coherent posts this week. Check my previous posts from last week, here: The Apples in My Orchard home page where all my posts are listed in chronological order. Thanks!

Slice of Life is brought to us by Two Writing Teachers. Thanks go to them for creating and hosting such a supportive forum for writers.

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