Project Updates

My husband and I are always busy with projects. Here’s an update on some of them.

New Driveway

Our driveway to our ridge top prairie was put in during the month of August. Unfortunately, we had torrential rains after it was installed. Parts of it washed out during a storm in mid-August when we got 7 inches of rain in just a few hours. Our “driveway guy” supposedly fixed it but did not follow the directions of an expert consultant we called in. It washed out again during a much lesser rain storm a couple of weeks later. We are on version 1.3 as my husband calls it, with a new excavator who is a local construction expert when it comes to drainage.

The Old Cabin

There was a cabin on this new property where the driveway is being installed. It was built in 1862 but was not a historical landmark. The cabin came down when the driveway excavation started. But, we saved the logs for a “she shack.” I’ll have the winter to determine the function my she shack is supposed to serve. Do I want an external writing space? Do I want a garden shed. Do I want a quite space to have coffee and raise monarchs? I’ll have to figure it out.

But, for now, the logs from the cabin have been stacked and moved to a safe place for the winter. If the cabin was built in 1862 with large trees from the property, how old were the trees?

Very. Old.


InventorySome might remember that I am also a jewelry artist. I started making jewelry in our master bedroom closet in 2005. From there, I opened an Etsy shop in 2009. Since that time, my creations have been featured in several local gift boutiques and a few farther afield like the one I am still on consignment as an artist, in McGregor, Iowa.

Yesterday, I sent over fifty new creations to the shop and gallery in McGregor that carries local artisan’s work. It is my seventh year in this location as an artist. The venue works for me as I can make my creations and then send or take them to the gallery as need and time permits.

My hobby as a jewelry artist pays for itself.


I haven’t been doing too much sewing. I completed the roman shade set for the kitchen at our cabin. I have yet to start another set (same size) for the bank of windows in the living room. I have a supply of masks made and stored. But, my more recent project is making reusable market bags. They are relatively simple and fun to make. Again the fabric keeps my motivation and inspiration going strong. There are some really cute prints out there!


Eventually, we’ll be putting our house up for sale. So my husband has been doing odd jobs to get it in the best possible shape. This has included replacing a few windows as well as refinishing the interior wood trim on all of them! Luckily, he’s been able to get the new windows installed before the colder weather hits and is finishing up the trim work on the sashes. He’s almost done with this job!

Concrete Work

This was a job that had to be hired out – rare in our family’s case, as my husband is very handy. Finding a concrete company to take a job to replace the pad in front of our garage doors was difficult. It finally got taken care of today after months of waiting.

Photo Storage Clean Out

With an upcoming vacation to a few our our beautiful National Parks, I’ve been cleaning out junk from my iPhone. I will take a camera, of course, but having my phone ready and able to also take photos is important.

My husband decided to clean out his phone as well.

Photo Memory Books

I’m working on a photo memory book for my mom. It contains family photos of my sister and I when we were very young. Roughly, the memories range from the early 1960’s to early 1970’s. Hopefully, it will help my mom by providing some fond memories.

There are other projects in the works as well. But, I’ve filled you in enough for now.

What’s keeping you busy?

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