Post-Vacation Clean Up

Have you noticed that after you take a vacation that things take a while to get back to normal? This is the stage I find myself in now. We returned home last Thursday, but I/we are still getting back into a routine with chores and things that need to be done before the snow starts to fall in Wisconsin. We know this could happen any time now, so it is time for those outstanding chores to be done.

Yard Work

My husband is in the process of cutting the grass (3 acres) for what he hopes is the last time this season. My flower pots were pushed to the sidewalk before we left because we had the cement pad in front of our garage replaced only a few days before we left. Thank God that finally got done. Finding a cement layer that would take on a relatively small job (as compared to laying a foundation) took time, and even after finding that person, it took six months to be done. Whew!

Today, my husband is chatting with a company that seals driveways. We have an asphalt driveway after the cement pad, which is relatively rare in Wisconsin. But, our driveway is long, so the asphalt was a great decision. It has worn well and just needs the sealer this year to maintain it.

We also spread 10,000 square feet of native grass and wildflower seeds over our remnant prairie ridge top yesterday. This was done to help prevent erosion, help pollinators, and help provide some aesthetics to a piece of land we hope to build on in the near future. Our plans depend on how version 1.3 of our long, sloped driveway installation goes, which started today.


You’d think that I’d have all the laundry from our trip done. But, I don’t. I am finishing it today. There isn’t much more to say about that. The suitcases finally got put away yesterday after sitting in the living room for two days. Backpacks and water packs are put away until we need them again. I’ll be posting on what we did to prepare for our 11 day National Park trip. If you are interested in that – be sure to stop back. We found the backpack water bladders to be a bust!


On our trip, we had 20-30k steps per day, for each of us. We walked and hiked a lot, I’d say usually between 5-10 miles a day. A morning hike easily got us up over the 10K mark for steps and usually, it was well before noon. My husband is very active at home and continued that today with a 5:30 a.m. swim at our local YMCA. I did pretty well with the exercise demand on our hiking trip, but know I can do more now I am home. I just need to find what works for me. It seems to be a constant struggle to build this into my day. We have the YMCA membership. I just need to use it. Fortunately, both of us have already lost any weight we gained from being on vacation. We ate well and did not limit ourselves but the activity level of our trip definitely kept the pounds in check. And, we were careful not to overindulge. There is really no reason to do that, even on vacation!

My writing routine has yet to return. Now that I have been included in a publication, THINGS WE DO, by Pomelo Books, I am hungry for more. The workshop I attended that led to this anthology ends this week and I’ve already started reading and searching for more possible places to submit my poetry and writing. Today, I cleaned up my computer desktop – which I use as a dumping ground when I am busy or short on time. My computer has also been acting up so I need to take it to our local “Mac Guys” to be evaluated. I honestly don’t know what to wish for – an easy fix to multiple problems or the need for a new computer (my current machine doesn’t owe me anything – I use it heavily each day and it is from early 2014). One thing is certain, I’ll stay with a Mac – I don’t want to learn a new operating system. I had to do that two years ago when my job at a local land trust provided me with a desktop that was not a Mac. I definitely feel it caused me some adjustment issues and also impinged on my productivity.

As far as my writing routine goes, I feel it returning. I write daily and my trip has provided me with a great deal of inspiration to continue to do so. It will just take some tweaking to get my “writing time” back into a routine, especially as I hope to add in that time for exercise.

Unwanted Returns

Unfortunately, along with a return home came a return to some nights cursed with insomnia. The first few nights home were fine. But, after stepping back into the reality of my mom’s long-term care placement and our family’s adjustment to it, I laid awake again for two hours in the wee hours of last night. Finally, I was able to return to sleep but it made for a late start to my day.

It’s all good!

Returning from vacation can be fraught with some adjustment, but it has never been bad enough to make me say that I don’t want to travel. As the saying goes, “this too shall pass.” And, then, I’ll be hankering for another trip!

If you missed my Silent Sunday post yesterday, you can catch it here. There are no words to these themed posts, just my own photography. Yesterday featured the Grand Canyon!

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