Slice of Life Tuesday: My One Little Word for 2022

If truth be told, I’m not sure I’m a fan of the One Little Word (OLW) craze. I’ve never been much of a trend follower and this seems like one to me. It’s “fashionable” to pick a word these days, especially if one is part of a writing community. I’ve picked words before. And, usually, they’ve resonated with me throughout the year. Grateful was my word last year, and it certainly held true for me, especially when I hit some tough times like my mom becoming seriously ill or our driveway blowout that occurred twice. It is almost like being able to re-center if you chose your word wisely.

To truly understand my OLW for this year, you need to know more about me. I am an intense person. You can easily see my passion for the things I care about – the environment, my family, educational processes, or any job to which I am assigned or assign myself. I can easily go overboard, trying to do my “best” at things. In other words, I am a perfectionist. This trait, combined with my intensity, can lead to trouble sometimes. Perfectionism is a double-edged sword. It can lead me to be high functioning and motivated or be almost paralyzing as I overthink situations and even conversations – real or imagined.

Therefore, when I chose my OLW for 2022, I wanted a word that would lead me to be more self-accepting, less driven, and more satisfied with a simplified version of life – retirement and empty nesting. It’s not that I’ve been unsatisfied, it’s just that I need to remind myself that it is okay to not be constantly striving for goals that might be unreachable or elusive or even, unnecessary.

My One Little Word for 2022 is the adjective, content. Merriam Webster’s online dictionary defines content as satisfied. Synonyms for the word include, happy, gratified, and pleased. I want to remain in this space – a space of contentment in 2022. Instead of striving for something else, I want to stay happy where I am.

It might be more difficult than you think. We have big plans for this year and lots of decision making to do. Therefore, by choosing the word content, I am reminding myself to be happy.

I hope I chose well. Time will tell.

Today is Slice of Life: Tuesday. This weekly forum is hosted by I thank them for their creativeness and generosity of spirit in continuing to hosts this weekly gathering of educators and writers. I’ve participated since February of 2017.

7 thoughts

  1. My word (enough) reminds me of yours. We must be close to the same age where we can’t or don’t need to climb the ladder to success. I’m tired of striving. I’m ready to be content with enough.


    1. Yes! Exactly, Margaret. Tired of striving or having to “prove myself.” I am 58. I think that we probably are close in age. I think I saw that you have grandkids. Is that correct? I am patiently waiting for that phase. My three sons are all grown and out of the house 27, 22, and 20. They all bring me joy as young adult men. And, I know that your Dad was an artist. We also have a creative family. So much in common. I am glad you saw the connections in my word!


  2. You know, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and it’s funny you should mention your intensity as a potentially difficult thing, a marker of perfectionism. But for me, I see that intensity as something that draws me to you. To me, you seem like a kindred spirit who’s idealistic and wants to see the best out of this world. It reminds me of the balance we teach gifted kids about perfectionism vs. pursuit of excellence.

    As for your word, I LOVE it. It’s a good reminder to me, as well – to take stock, to breathe in, to see the good in things. Thank you for this post. ❤

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    1. Thanks, Lainie! You always have such great observations. I apprecite you. I do think that intense people are drawn to each other. I have a few close friends who are also intense individuals. Our conversations are great! LOL. But, I can also feel drained due to my intensity. I try to keep it in check and think my OLW will help me do that this year.

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      1. Oh I absolutely understand that intensity, and like you, I’m drawn to friends who share that same intensity, but in different directions. It might be passion for words, or writing, or our justice, or or or…

        As for my OLW – space – I might need to dust that lil’ sucker off…

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