How’s That Keto Diet Going?

Before I tell you how the weight loss journey is going, I will say that we’ve had a week of trying out some fabulous new recipes. Last week, I found a great new keto-friendly appetizer recipe. It was for Buffalo Chicken Dip! I have only one word for it: Yum! We ended up eating is as a dinner since it was not needed as an appetizer at a dinner party. We’ll definitely make it again! Soooo, good! (and only 1 carb per 2 TBSP serving). Of course, you need to watch what you eat WITH it!

As the week progressed, I fanned through one of the many cooking magazines we receive. My husband and I had marked some dishes that sounded good and were low in carbs. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we had new dishes. Saturday, yesterday, we had shrimp scampi which has become a staple in the last year.

Wednesday night we had a recipe called Skillet Steach Tacos. This recipe and all but one of the others were found in the February/March 2022 issue of Allrecipes. This recipe attracted me for its simplicity. Sirloin steak, cheese, onion, and jalapenos with corn tortillas. The total carbs are 16 grams with two grams of fiber. Most of the carbs are from the tortillas. We also added a dollop of sour cream. The recipe can be found here.

The next night, after I had gone grocery shopping, we had Perfect 10 Baked Cod, out of the same issue of the magazine. This was a super easy recipe. I did have to buy “buttery round crackers” for the crusts. We did not have these, as we’ve been decreasing our cracker consumption. If you want a quick but shocking lesson in carbs, look at how many crackers or chips are a serving! Not many!

Again this recipe was really simple. I bought flash-frozen Alaskan Cod at our local grocery store. I have been buying fish at Aldi’s but since I was shopping in our hometown grocery store, I bought the cod there. The package contained just enough for two people. Dry white wine is needed for this recipe, as it is also required for the scampi. For personal reasons, I’ve returned to drinking mostly white wine so while I had some on hand, I only had rose available for this. It worked fine. It was a dry rose – Heaven Horse Hills (H3). Again, YUM! The carbs in this recipe were 12 G with 2 grams of fiber. It was delicious and we had it with our first riced cauliflower side dish and a salad. The cod is baked in this dish and it was delicious.

Lemon Herbed Chicken

The next night we had chicken in a recipe from the same magazine issue. This was called Simple Lemon-Herb Chicken. I had to improvise a little with this recipe as it called for oregano but did not have any. I used dried rosemary instead and it was delicious. I took the time to reduce the sauce and it was worth it. There is a lot of lemon juice in this recipe, so be prepared to have that on hand. Conveniently, this recipe was featured across from the Steak Taco recipe in the magazine!

Lastly, I had thawed some frozen blueberries we had picked last summer. I was eating these in a frozen state for breakfast but had a desire for a blueberry cobbler. This recipe came from a different source – bake or break – and it was called Blueberry Crumble for two. Again, it did not call for many special ingredients, which is a plus. It is NOT a keto diet recipe, nor are any of the others with the exception of the Buffalo Chicken Dip. But, I wanted to make a treat for Sunday morning and this turned out to do the job nicely!

Blueberry crumble for two.

Our weekend was rounded out with shrimp scampi, which I’ve featured on my blog before. We indulged ourselves with a tiny amount of speghetti, too.

Shrimp Scampi.

So, how is the Keto Diet going? I’d say it’s going well. I’ve lost a few pounds but have also enjoyed feeling less weighed down by sugar and processed foods. I’m not being as strict this time, either. Mostly, it is because recording the carbs has been a pain. The Atkins site, which we used faithfully last time to record our daily intake, has become hard to use. It is almost impossible to search for a food quickly and get a reliable answer. I’ve found some errors as well.

Pixabay, Free for Commercial Use Images.

Basically, we know how to eat low carb, and it’s up to us to do so. Both my husband and I are snacking less, eating less processed foods, and keeping each other accountable. We both feel good. I think that means that the diet is going well, don’t you?!

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  1. Hi Carol,
    I do Keto and have tons of recipes in my computer files.
    I am in a great group online where people share information and recipes. If you want to join, it is easy.
    I did great on Keto but had to be pretty strict. I have gained some back but that is because I started asking a touch more bread which for me is not a good idea. I love the changes and I also do IF. I follow also Jason Fung. Your photos look nice. I will send you an email, I am pretty sure I have your address. Avoiding sugar and process food became completely easy for me, I never thought about food ie was hungry because I got my insulin resistance issues cleared up pretty easily.

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  2. Carol, can you share the chicken recipe? It looks wonderful and one I would enjoy. Which magazine are you referring to? I think I missed that. I looked about another post. I love the decrease in inflammation from Keto and also how I can fast without being hungry because i get enough fat in my diet which I had eliminated. Healthy eating is so good for us.

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  3. Hmm. I tried attaching. I’ll FB message you, Janet. The magazine is called Allrecipes. The link in the post goes to a free pdf download (but I don’t know about the site the download is coming from). Usually I can link to the recipe directly from this magazine but I think since it’s so new (recent issue) those links are not available yet. My husband and I did keto in late summer of 2020 to spring of 2021. We were strict and both did well, achieving our weight loss goals which were very modest. I wanted to lose 12 pounds and it took about six months to do so for a goal weight of 126. I’ve crept back up but it’s mostly snacking and breads that kill our progress. I’ve lost 3 pounds in a month. Not bad. I definitely feel better. We have a core group of recipes we use and have learned how to adjust. Check your FB messenger, Janet. I’ll send a photo of the chicken recipe that way. Thanks!


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