Slice of Life: Lots of Stuff

Warning: this post is a mishmash of things. Being super busy packing up our house for our move, some things have been left to slide. In that vein, I apologize for being late with comments/return comments and other communications. I will get to them, I promise!

  1. Metaphor Dice Contest – I did submit four poems to this contest. They were all cheeky pieces of writing. I had trouble the week before the contest ended. I went to submit and found that I had selected words off of the app and they did not appear on the actual dice! I had time to re-do but what a pain. It kind of took the fun out of it for me. I assumed the same words were on the dice that were on the app! Wrong. You know what they say about assuming! We’ll see. Of course, I’d still like to be included in the anthology but now have doubts about what I came up with. So it goes with writing … one cannot expect to always have the muse.
  2. Birthing a book – My poetry chapbook In a Few Words…will have a birthday in the coming week. It will be released on Kindle Direct Press and I will also have author copies for sale on my blog. Stay tuned for more on the birthdate of the book and a live link!
  3. Taking a survey. Please take a minute to fill out this short, one-question survey on what type of book I should work on next. Thanks, in advance!

4. Working through the piles. I hate piles. But, right now I have lots of them – all over the house. There are piles for goodwill and other donations, piles to put in short-term store, piles for the garage sale, and piles to move. There are a lot of piles. I’m trying to not make too many and address the ones I have started first. This house has tons of storage and we’ve used just about every inch of it. My husband and I agree, however, we are making progress.

5. Catching up with people before we move. I have been trying to catch up with people that have been part of my life over the last 23 years here where we’ve raised our family. These are people I do not want to loose touch with. Some are educators and administrators with whom I’ve become friends with, some are parents of students I had and become friends with through those groups, and some are people I became friends with because our students were friends. We do plan to move back to this community but still friendship takes effort. Many people I’ve known over the years have moved away and sadly I know contact lessens over time. I am trying to avoid that from happening if I can.

6.Loose ends. We have about six and a half weeks before we close on the sale of this house. I need to take care of some health care appointments for our youngest son. He has his own business but just carries medical now. He needs an eye exam and a dental check. My husband and I have been taking care of the same.

All the while doing these things, I am still writing my daily blog, still keeping an eye on my jewelry sales and handcrafted work at the gallery in Iowa, still living life filled with errands, chores, and relaxation.

It’s a busy time. And, the reason for a mishmash Slice of Life today!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Slice of Life is hosted by which created and continue to host the forum for many teachers, writers, and, bloggers. I am proud and pleased to be part of such a supportive writing community! Thank you!

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  1. I always have piles everywhere. It’s a habit I’m trying to break, but it takes real effort. Plus whenever I can’t find something, it’s because it WAS in a pile and I “put it away in a smart place”. Good luck these next 6 weeks!

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    1. Thanks for the good wishes! Yes, I can have piles at other times, especially when I am busy or getting ready to do a presentation. I’m STILL going through papers – I decided that I’m somewhat of a paper horder! lol.


  2. As a Jew, I see “mishmash” and I think of wonderful things: bagels with everything on them, soup full of noodles and dumplings and the like. Mishmash is a good thing. A VERY good thing.

    It sounds like your move is taking up a LOT of your mental energy right now. Here’s hoping you’re able to tie up all your loose ends, do what you need to do, and get yourself to where you can adjust and begin enjoying life at your next stop. ❤

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    1. Lol, Lainie. I didn’t know mishmash had a Jewish connotation! Fun! And I am glad it’s a very good thing. We lived in a Jewish community outside of Baltimore in the early 1990s and I associate the word “nosh” with going to a bakery on Saturday mornings.

      The move is progressing and is both mentally and physically exhausting but it will all work out. I’m starting to get excited about being at the cabin all summer long! It’ll help me commune with nature and hopefully inspire more writing!


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