Just a quickie!

Today is Poetry Friday but I’m not participating due to our pending move in ONE week. I’ll go on the forum and just read and leave comments for the other participants, some of whom I’ve grown to know by sharing our writing over the last few years.

Other bloggers are a tremendous source of support. I found M.B. Henry’s blog a couple of years ago. She’s a newly published author! By new, I mean, NEW! Her first book came out last month and is entitled, All the Lights Above Us. I will order it as soon as we are settled at our cabin. I purposely waited so that I did not lose track of the book in the transition. I also want to be able to give it my full attention when I do read it. It sounds like it’s right up my alley – about women during WWII. M.B. also has a blog. And, it is a blog I read frequently. She painstakingly researches topics, many historical, and then writes about them. Her blog, Footsteps, can be found, here. We also have similar tastes in novels, so I follow her on Instagram as well. It’s been a great collegial relationship, forged over the internet! I would definitely recommend checking out her work!

A lot of my writing support comes from other bloggers. They know “how” it is, the demand and drag of writing, as well as the joy of having written a great piece and receiving feedback for your words. The Poetry Friday group and the Slice of Life group both have been instrumental in my progress as a writer over the last five years of daily postings.

With our move looming in my mind and on the calendar, I am looking forward to stretching my writing in other ways. I have some ideas for picture books, middle school readers, and even an adult mystery novel! I just need time to sit and work on each of these. And, after our move, I’ll have it. My husband gets it, he said the first thing we’ll do at our cabin to settle in is get my desk area set up so I can work! Yay! This makes me really happy.

I’m also trying to grow my following on Medium.com so I can start to be paid for my writing. I have 31 followers on Medium as opposed to almost 800 on WordPress. If I can rachet that up to 100 followers on Medium I can join their partner program and start being paid. I know I’m good enough. (How’s that for confidence?) I just have to pursue it! My medium account is just under my name at: https://carollabuzzetta.medium.com/. I hope you consider following me on there and be instrumental in me reaching the partner threshold!

My pocket prairie, the poem I started last week, has already changed. Now there are white penstemons blooming. The pinks and purples and yellows come later in the summer, but perhaps the new owners of our house will let us stop back to look at the prairie progression throughout the season! I’ll be sure to post when I have some more lines to share on my pocket prairie poem.

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