Personally, I like structure and regularity. I am a creature of habit to a great extent. But, lately, I decided to make a few changes. Today’s post will give you an idea of what I mean.

After School Garden Club – Since I wrote about this the other day, I will not bore you with more details. I have led an after school garden club for the last 15 school years. I spent 13 years at one school and the last two at a different school in a different district. This week I turned in my receipts for reimbursement, said good-bye to the office staff, and plan to meet the “new” garden club advisors tonight to review what we accomplished in the garden in the last two years. Admittedly, since this has been a big part of my life for a long time. So I am wondering how I will do without such a group. Time will tell.

Jewelry Making Hobby – I’ve had a long time hobby of making jewelry. In June I decided to close an Etsy shop I ran for ten years to sell my jewelry. For the last six years, my pieces have gone to an art gallery/retail shop in Iowa for the summer – fall tourist season. The advantage of this has been that I have not had to “hawk my wares” on Etsy by constantly renewing, posting, or otherwise using time on that site. I haven’t tired of making jewelry, just of Etsy. I found I was paying $30.00 – 40.00 per month in fees, even when I was not having many sales. After I heard Etsy made a decision to demand integrating Paypal management for their sellers, I decided to get out. It’s been just over a month. During the month since, I still sold a fair number of pieces to friends who were lamenting the closure of my shop. I also received a nice commission check for the pieces sold at the art gallery. Thus, I backtracked and did some investigating on websites for online sales.  I have decided to go with Squarespace and hope to open the shop yet this week.  I have to say, I am excited about the potential.

Hair – Well, this is more personal than I usually get but I got a hair cut today!  For the last few years, I have been growing my hair out in an attempt to get rid of the layers and add some length after having a very short pixie cut five years ago. I am proud to say I succeeded and for the last couple of years have sported an increasing long, layer-less, straight hairstyle. But, I’ve grown tired of it. My hair is very thick and course. It is heavy. One of the reasons I grew it out was to be able to pull it up and off my face – which I have been doing. But, it is extremely heavy – heavy to the point of giving me a pain in my neck (literally). So, in emergency fashion, I contacted my stylist early this week and she got me in today! I feel like a new woman! Yes, change can be good!

With these  and other changes, I learn to appreciate the routine-ness of daily life a little more. It makes me stop and appreciate the things I might have started to take for granted and know that even when things change, there are those things that stay the same.



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  1. Yes, I believe change is a good thing! Looks like you changed the photo at the top of your blog, too. Nice picture. 🙂 Enjoy your summer…occasionally changing up one routine thing. 🙂

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