Why Blog???

Welcome to The Apples in My Orchard!  This blog is aimed at exploring and discussing the facets of student-hood, the one role we all have had at some point in our lives! For me, much of the last 18 years have been spent immersed in the world of education. My roles have varied over that time from parent to teacher, PTO member, committee member, interview group participant, enrichment group founder, classroom helper, guest speaker, advocacy group leader, and volunteer. With the exception of 8 years spent as a very sporadic substitute teacher at one of our elementary schools, all of the roles mentioned have been undertaken in a volunteer capacity. Part of my purpose in writing this blog is to share my experiences, pose thoughtful questions, increase awareness, and in general, contribute to a dialog on student centered learning and education today. The other part of my purpose in blogging is to practice the art of writing on a daily basis.

I have always been a writer and count the activity as a hobby of mine. Last year, I saw an opportunity to participate in a daily writing challenge called Slice of Life, hosted by the  Two Writing Teachers blog. I believe I saw the challenge in 2016 on the day it started, March 1st. After some thought, and even the development of some possible names, I let it slide. You see, I am also currently a student, albeit an old one! So, I need to watch my time commitments very carefully. However, just by chance, I ran across the same advertisement a couple of weeks ago! Again, the prospect of writing daily and getting feedback, piqued my interest in the challenge.  I also took it as kind of a sign that I should jump in!

And, that brings us here to the newly formed, The Apples in My Orchard blog. The challenge posed by Slice of Life is to write daily and post work via a blog for feedback and networking. In summary, I needed to start a blog to participate in this writing challenge.

Welcome to my Orchard!


Please see my About Page and my Home page for details about The Apples in My Orchard!

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