What is The Apples in My Orchard Blog about?

Through my experience with students over the last 21 years, this blog will offer you:

  • funny and relatable stories regarding student learning, family, & community life
  • relatable frustrations many, if not all, parents experience with regard to education
  • PTO? Yes, No, and Maybe! Do you belong?
    • other options for parent involvement and volunteerism
  • advice and insight on how to be a student advocate
  • tips on challenges encountered on advocating for your students (children) –
    • especially talented and gifted students (TAG)
  • insights on living with intensities TAG students often exhibit
  • descriptions of overexcitabilities and asynchronous learning that you might encounter with your gifted student
  • a chance to learn about student groups and how they enrich our youth, without burdening their teachers
    • Using your passion for good
  • insights on how to form student groups, including resulting satisfaction and pitfalls
  • a place to network and share experiences of parenting and/or teaching
  • a platform to increase awareness of student needs and solutions to meet those needs
  • tips on navigating college readiness, including AP course selection, preparation and benefits, as well as the benefits and challenges of above grade level standardized testing (taking the ACT or PSAT as a younger student in late elementary or middle school).
  • tips from a parent who has navigated the challenges of TAG education from pre-k through college.
  • identifying as a gifted adult
  • referral to other sources on student enrichment opportunities and information
    • helpful book & website referrals

Who am I? Why do I want to write about these topics?

  • Parent
  • Passionate non-formal educator.
  • Long time volunteer – 20+ years!
  • Founder/Teacher, Enrichment Group, Evergreen Garden Club (2004-2017)
  • Founder/Teacher, Enrichment Group, Third Grade Writer’s Circle (six years)
  • Certified Master Gardener Volunteer (2004-2019)
  • Author: Garden Club Curriculum, Math Meets Nature Enrichment Series, Summer Camp Monarch Habitat & Conservation Curriculum for Elementary Students
  • Public Speaker @ educational conferences, as well as for classroom presentations, & community groups since 2008.
  • Environmental Educator – MS in Natural Resources 2018 from UW Steven’s Point.
  • Former nationally certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with a MS in Child Health
  • Blogger 2017-2021 @ The Apples in My Orchard.
  • Life long learner
  • Avid Reader
  • Active Monarch Conservationist (2006-present)
  • Citizen Scientist