Haiku Sampler

In lieu of an essay today, I thought I would post some Haiku poetry that I will be sharing with my Writer’s Circle students tomorrow. Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry consisting of three lines that has a pattern. The first phrase has 5 syllables, the second 7 syllables, and the third 5 syllables. Haiku are often nature based, but you will see not all my examples are written with nature in mind. The object is to evoke a vibrant image in the reader’s mind when the poem is read.  I find my third grade writers able to write the haiku with diligence and honest attempts at descriptive word choice. They are short enough to have them stay engaged in the writing activity, without undo pressure to finish in the thirty minute time frame we have for writer’s circle. Thirty two of my thirty-six Writer’s Circle students over the last six-years have had their poetry published in a compilation offered by the Young American Poetry Digest. I find the possible publication lends an aspect of challenge, excitement, and increases the students’ writing confidence if their poems are published in the compilation. Enjoy!

Red amaryllis

Growing Tall for All to See

Announce with Color


Niagara Falls

Visited often in youth

Lovely memories


Darting Here and There

Hummingbirds quickly gather

Sweet, sappy, nectar


Brown gives way to green

In the coulee behind me

Near Vision of Spring



 Volcano like no other

Sleeping not spewing




2 thoughts

  1. I almost wrote a haiku today too! I remember being very excited about them when we learned them in school. I’m sure you third graders will be too. I’m impressed by just how much information and even sentiment you are able to convey in each of these poems.

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