Traveler’s Photo Journal #1


Delft, The Netherlands
Den Haag, The Netherlands
Windmill in The Netherlands

When traveling, I love to take photos. If we are gone a week, it is likely I’ll come home with over 1,000 photos on my chip. The photos, in helping to recall far off places where seeking out plants indigenous to the area, unusual architecture, or beautiful scenery can easily assist in transporting you back to the experiences of your visit. Come, come travel with me. Maybe my photos will remind you of a place you’ve been or inspire you to journey to somewhere new.

Kauai, Hike in only Beach
Kauai Sunset
La Jolla Cove Sea Lions
La Jolla Cove Life Guard Stand
Carlsbad Beach – California
Brooklyn Bridge
Jefferson Memorial
Blow Hole on Maui
Rainbow in West Maui Mountains
Kapalua Beach, Maui

Before finishing this post, I ammended my title to read that it be the first travel photo journal on this blog. I plan to do this again.  The photos bring back happy memories of blue skies, sunny days, and adventures. After yesterday’s somewhat serious post, which I would ask that you read if you have time,  the beauty of our world adds some serenity to my day. Where do you like go on your travels?

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    1. I did just notice that you cannot see my captions (there is one for each photo) unless you hover near the bottom of the photo. Let me know if that helps. Maybe you already saw that and want more. Again, thanks for the suggestion!


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