A Winter Poem.

winter in MarchTomorrow, my Writer’s Circle resumes. We had just started a poetry unit when I had to cancel our meeting last week. The students will be sharing two different Cinquain poems and an acrostic with our group. We will then go on to Haiku. When we talk about poetry, I make sure that the students understand word choice is extremely important. Many students think poems need to rhyme. I assure them I would rather have a poem that flows over a poem that rhymes. However, sometimes a rhyme just seems to fit, and this will be the reasoning behind sharing my poem on Winter. My inspiration was the awful weather we got last night.

Winter’s back.

I’m starting to abhor that white, fluffy stuff that covers the floor.

Too bad, I say.   I’m ready for Spring.

Go away now, the clock bell blings.

I have flowers to plant and butterflies to welcome,

lots and lots of outdoor chores, and then some.


Winter’s back.

I know it won’t stay long, but it is here today,

Ignoring the plump maple buds already on display.

Disappear quickly, as quickly as you came.

Winter, we don’t like you, we say without shame.


The snow is melting quickly and the wind seems warmer, too.

Now, if I could just put away my shovel and store away my boots,

I am sure I would be much, much, much less blue.


Tomorrow, I’ll expect the sun, a nice bit fat, yellow one,

to come and warm us, so we can imagine a day so verdant

that winter will just have to be done.



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