Nap Interrupted.

I love to sleep. However, I do not consider myself a “napper”.  Naps are great but they typically interfere with my nighttime sleep and I guard that very carefully. Admittedly, I am prone to insomnia. I have times when I just cannot seem to get my brain to shut off. So, after much reading on the subject, I stick to a pretty streamlined routine at bedtime. This includes no caffeine after 3pm, no T.V. in the bedroom, a brief period of reading for pleasure (not school related), retiring around the same time each night, and no naps! Lately, it has seemed to pay off. I have been getting some great sleep.

This all worked until I was ill last week with the latest germ going around our community. I really needed to nap during the day. So, I gave into this need, as I felt the rest would help me to get over whatever virus was zapping my energy. It was a good choice.

But yesterday, I realized I was better, and I was still napping! My nap wasn’t as fulfilling as it had been and I was easily awakened by my cat chewing on my poinsettia plant (which will then lead to vomiting), the phone ringing, my iPhone alarm going off, and my boys arriving home from school. Gone was the 30-45 minute restorative sleep I had been snatching mid-afternoon for the last ten days. Gone was my cold. I was better.

No more naps for me.

5 Thoughts

  1. I have always been blessed with sleeping well. Recently, I became stressed due to a health issue and early on in my treatment my sleep was disrupted by concerning thoughts. Thankfully, things are improving and I am back to good quality sleep. It’s a true gift.

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  2. Oh no! I feel so bad for you. My treat on the weekends is to allow myself a nap, and then I just stay up a little later that night. I rarely remember to count my ability to sleep well as a blessing until I hear of someone who struggles with insomnia. However, I’m glad you are feeling better.

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