The Birds are Back!

Growing up, I was never a fan of birds. On a trip to the zoo when I was much younger than ten, I witnessed a girl with red hair be attacked by a bird in the aviary at the local Zoo. Needless to say, it left an impression on me.   Then, there was the time we were in Myrtle Beach with my family over Easter break, when a seagull relieved himself on me while I was sunbathing. Human beach bird feeders brought forth contempt from me as I avoided their “area” of the beach for years to come. Finally, the barn swallows would swoop and dive at my long, black hair that seemed to flow out behind me and whip around my face as I performed the requisite the adolescent chore of grass cutting. So, it is true for the above obvious reasons, birds and I were never friends when I was growing up.

Some where along the way, that began to change. I really don’t know when. But, I can tell you now that I appreciate the birds, with their grace, and beauty that arrive in my yard to tell me spring is here. In the last two weeks, despite some heavy snowfall, I have noted first the return of robins, then purple finches, and now red-winged black birds. They join the imposing black crows that have found some sustenance on our grounds throughout the winter. Soon,  I hope to see blue birds, cardinals, and my personal favorite, the ruby throated hummingbirds!

I have taken to providing a fruit and nut mix of bird seed that sits in a feeder in my yard and homemade nectar that hangs just outside my kitchen window for the hummingbirds. The birds are fun to watch, adding color and movement to our yard. Spring is near, the colorful, chirping birds are telling me so.

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  1. I was the same way! I was scared of birds due to an escaped parakeet when I was younger, but once I had a house I started feeding them and fancying myself like Snow White! I didn’t even know we had hummingbirds in the area so whenever I see one in the yard I get excited. Which reminds me, time to refill the feeder in the backyard!

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  2. My mom had a fear after watching “The Birds”. We have a family story about her running out to “save” my older sister. Over time, her fear has dissipated, but she still doesn’t like flocks.

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  3. I really don’t like birds either! I am actually afraid of them…silly, I know. Funny thing is – today I wrote in my notebook that even though there is snow on the ground here, the birds have been chirping the last few mornings as I awake….a definite sign that spring is on the way!

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  4. I enjoyed hearing how your feelings have changed over the years. I never appreciated the birds until I started feeding them and really watching them. Bluebirds and hummingbirds are among my favorites.

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  5. The noise in the morning is a welcoming sound of spring to me! I look for three birds: robins, red winged black birds, and turkey vultures. When I see those three, then spring is officially here! I’ve seen robins and red winged black birds, but they are here a couple of weeks early. I’m expected turkey vultures to follow that pattern and see them in early April! 🙂

    Happy spring and happy slicing! 🙂

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