Friday Reflection

Yesterday was a “blah” day for me. I just could not get motivated to do anything. First thing in the morning, after getting the boys off to school,  I wrote my blog post for the Slice of Life Writing challenge I am participating in for the month of March.  I enjoyed writing it and thought it turned out well, but alas, it drew the fewest readers I have had since the blog challenge started. And the rest of my day followed, along those lines. Feeling blah is so unlike me.

Energy level,- zilch. Motivation level – zippo. Accomplishments – nada.  What was going on? I had a paper to write, chapters to read, and interview questions to develop all for the graduate courses I have this spring. I have jewelry to inventory, a presentation for an Earth Day Celebration to start, laundry to do, and a house to clean. All left undone.

Blah. Yesterday was blah. I am hoping today will be better. It will be better!  This is my plan.  Instead of going to the coffee shop while my son is at soccer training, I am going to do a little shopping.  I also turned off Facebook fo the weekend. I am tired of what I am reading on there from people I know and mostly from those I do not.  Their thoughts give me angst.  I will work on my paper for one of my courses, I will do the laundry, and maybe make some peppermint patties. Baking always makes it better!

Today will be a better day – less blah.

7 thoughts

  1. I’m glad I stopped by your blog today. So many things to say!
    1) Do you write for the “likes” and comments and stuff? I know sometimes I really, really want them–I really want people to find what I’m thinking about fantastically thoughtful and incredibly well written. Ha! But…maybe I need to remember that I mostly write these slices for own mental health, to work out issues and questions in my own head. Why do you write?
    2) The kitchen cures all. For sure. Have you read Michael Pollan’s Cooked? I highly recommend it!
    3) Some days are just harder than others, aren’t they? My 10 year old daughter is learning this at her horseback riding lessons. Same ring, same pony, same sort of routine in each lesson, but sometimes the ride is glorious and easy, and sometimes it’s a huge struggle. Hopefully today will be gloriously easy for you! Have fun baking!

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    1. Hi Kate, Thanks for your comments. 1) I really write for myself and have to keep that in mind. Luckily, I am not at a loss for words and that might be part of my problem. My post yesterday was long. Maybe too long. With all that said, it is nice to get the likes and comments. I just have to keep it in perspective that the writing is for me and to model to my students that I am a writer. 2) I have not read the book you mentioned. I know I enjoy baking and making candies. I will look for the book. 3) Yes, I know, some days are better than others. I am well into middle age and therefore have some wisdom and maturity about life. I just wrote about what I was feeling yesterday. I have found that my more relatable posts are more widely read. Another thing to keep in mind. Thanks, Kate. Today is off to a better start!


  2. I’m sorry that yesterday was a blah kind of day but I love how you repeated the word throughout to make a powerful statement! I sure have had them and know what they are like! I sure know the power of “comments” to make you feel good! I still remember my first one! The amazing thing about comments, I have determined after 5 years, is that some of my most poignant and personally powerful posts draw very few comments! Sometimes our posts get buried in the middle/end beginning of hundreds of posts or in the busy-ness of our lives. Hang in there and please know that lots of us read lots….but yesterday, on a tired Friday, lots of us probably wrote less!

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    1. Thanks, Anita. I will keep all you said in mind. You made some really good points. Life is busy and I understand that. My feelings were not enough to make me stop blogging. I think it is a really good fit for me at this stage in my life. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Zilch. Zippo. Blah.
    I’m cradling the moon
    in my arms today, a sort of
    lunar eclipse of reverse energy, and if
    I cast darkness your way,
    shield yourself with humor and find a lantern,
    so I can follow your beams into

    — Kevin, borrowing a few words as a flashlight in the dark.

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  4. I’m so glad that you’re pushing past your “blah” day and continuing to persevere. It is hard when you post something so close to your heart, but end up getting little response. I actually just had a chance to dive in to your post about Vermeer and it was such a beautiful, thoughtful, reflective piece. I think that you had such a great plan to get past the “blah” day! The idea of peppermint patties has my mouth watering!

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