Get out of the Fog! Stop! Look! Listen!

Lately, the actions of pedestrians scare me! This morning, for example, our area is covered with dense fog. My son, who is a junior, took off for the high school weight room at 6am, so the duty to deliver my freshman to school was left to me. At 7am, the fog was still very thick, causing a whitish yellow haze to form a barrier to all but anything directly in front of you. Our town is busy at 7am, with buses and cars travelling to and from the schools delivering tired students. It is finals week here. There is more than physical fog, but some mental fog as well.

Something I saw scared me.  A high school girl, wearing her sweatshirt hood up over her head, was walking down the sidewalk adjacent to the busy four lane road right in front of the high school. When she got to the dip in the sidewalk to allow her to cross the road, there was no pause, no look to the right, look to the left, she just kept walking! Wait! I seemed to call out to her in my head; there is moving traffic! See the bus? The SUV? My car? No, she didn’t see because she didn’t look. She just strutted across the busy four lane road as if in a time warp expecting all to see her. Luckily, I saw her. There she was, in the fog, crossing in her foggy, robot like movement.  Let me assure you, this was not a close call on my part.  I saw the student. I slowed and then stopped.  But, as she made the decision just to cross the busy roadway without a glance my way or toward the bus waiting to turn, or the SUV that had stopped to let her cross, I can pretty confidently say that she didn’t see any of us. What happened to STOP, LOOK, and, LISTEN? No one is too old or too cool for that!

Fortunately, our school system will be adding some safety features on this busy street in the near future. For me, it cannot come soon enough. Hopefully, it will be before any foggy days can take their toll on foggy teens.

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  1. A scary incident indeed! I could feel the tension in your words. I hope she wasn’t looking at her phone or texting. And you are right, don’t we teach our kids to look both ways before crossing? Never too old to recall that lesson!


  2. This clearly had an impact on you and yet she was totally oblivious. I, too, felt the tension – great use of punctuation! We used to sing a little ditty in class when i was young “Stop, look and listen/ Before you cross the street/ Use your eyes, use your ears/Then use your feet”.

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