Orchids, Amaryllis, and Lemons. Oh, my!

If  you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know I am a gardener. I love plants, and love to teach children about different horticultural topics.  This week, in addition to having garden club and planting 15 Amaryllis bulbs with my garden club students, I’ve had several personal gardening successes.

My orchid is re-blooming. This is an orchid I got about 18 months ago, in full bloom from our local Home Depot store. It bloomed and then, stopped. I read about forcing a new flush of flowers (you can go to that post here).  And after waiting patiently for almost a year, it is blooming again.

orchidsI mentioned planting Amaryllis bulbs with my students. An earlier post described the generous donation our garden club received of 240 bulb kits. You can read that post here.  My garden club students planted the last of the 240 bulbs on Thursday. They were excited. Hopefully, theirs will be as beautiful as the one I planted about five weeks ago.

Finally, my lemon tree, a less than $20.00 purchase from Wal-Mart last spring, is blooming again too! It must have close to 100 buds on its small frame.  The first bud opened this morning and smells heavenly.  I cannot wait to have more lemons growing again! I hope that it will be warm enough to put the tree outside during the day to get pollinated!  My previous batch of lemons were harvested in late December and allowed me to make Limoncello, Lemon Bars, and Homemade Lemonade. This is one of my proudest gardening accomplishments – mostly because growing lemons in the upper mid-west is not all that common!

I appreciate the color of the flowers, at this time of year, especially. The one lemon blossom that is open already provides an intoxicating scent! These plants are the ones I have nurtured, just like the garden club students that have grown with me over the years!  If you want a challenge and a great reward, grow lemons, orchids, or students!

It can be done!

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