Pink and more Pink.

via Daily Prompt: Pink

I have an affinity for the color pink. Pink petunias are a regular addition to my container gardens and plots at this time of year. Pale pink lipstick is my favorite shade to wear. Pink outfits for baby girls but not teens is a trend. Pink is a color with a story to tell or the  bow on a package you will send. The images conjured are a stand in for the color name as well.  Pink. It means a lot of things to me, read on and you will see……..

Pink: A Color Poem

Frilly, pink tutus made of tulle floating by on stage, all the while

dainty tea roses fill the air with their heavenly scent.

Fuchsia painted lips smile at me through the theater darkness as

usherettes sell sticky, sweet cotton candy in a glowing pink hue.

Pink sugar melts quickly on the changing color of my tongue, only to

be washed down with pink lemonade when the performance is done.

Pink is the sand on the famous Bermuda Beach, so soft and warm on my toes.

Pink is the sunset on the same beach at dusk, the world aglow as darkness deepens.

Pink in the palest of shades are the cherry blossoms opening in early

spring, or the raised skin where your finger touched the hot oven.

The color of a ribbon no woman wants is pink. Yet, pink is hope

for your sister and mine as we join in support to win this fight.

Pink is laughter floating freely across a crowd, contagious as the light

lacy rash on your forearm in the spring.

Pink is the rose milkweed blossom, planted behind our barn to beckon

the monarchs to stop awhile to visit on their journey South.

Pink, the color of femininity and spring, babies and tutus, bubble gum and lemonade.

Laughter in the sunsets on the pink sand beach.

Pink makes me warm, the foretelling of anger, embarrassment, or

pride. Its hue deepening with the intensity of my emotion.

Introduction Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Pink

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