A Stormy Week – Tornado Warnings & All

This week we experienced some wild weather. It was Wednesday evening, around 5pm, when my youngest son called and asked to be picked up from track practice at our high school. The sky had darkened and we expected more rain, even though we had definitely gotten our share already.  As we came back in the driveway, the clouds were ominous. Less than 10 minutes later, my cell phone went off in the kitchen, alerting us that a tornado warning had been issued for our county. We have lived here eighteen years and I can count on one hand the number of times we have “hidden” in the basement due to a tornado warning being issued.  This was the first time in about seven years we had a specific warning. Dinner on hold, and phone in hand, off to the basement we went.  There, we did turn on the T.V. to see what the weather radar could tell us. A few things we already knew about this storm. It was generating a lot of wind and driving rains. The various noises were making our cat nervous. We experienced sideways rain with gusting winds around lunch time earlier on this same day, wild enough for me to take photographs and video.  The sky had also become very dark. The radar confirmed that the tornado warning was necessary.  Winds over 60 mph and driving rains along with rotation was noted in the clouds. No tornado touch down in our area was confirmed during the storm. Those came a day or two later, after the investigative teams determined two F0’s and an F1 had been confirmed in counties north of us. The warnings continued to be issued on the newscast and precautions hopefully were taken by those, like us, who consider these to be serious storms.

During all this, my seventeen year old was at tennis practice! Our courts are in a nearby park, not at the high school. I texted him but did not get a response. Luckily, the tennis coach is a pretty serious guy and I felt confident that he had gotten his team off the courts and into shelter. Still, several texts later, without a response from my son, was  nerve-wracking.

Finally, the warnings expired, as the storm had moved northward past our area and into adjacent counties. The sky lightened, although rain continued to fall.  The cat was no longer cowering from fear and resumed a comfortable napping position. Dinner preparations resumed. And, the phone rang. My tennis playing son was safe and headed home.

All was well, after the storm.



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