Construction, Construction, What’s your Function?! Frustration!

Our town is full of road construction right now. It started mid-April and is in full swing. We are outgrowing our infrastructure and thus, the roads are getting widened, grocery store chains are building new, improved, larger stores, and more housing developments are developing! Needless to say, it is frustrating to get from one end of town to the other.

On Tuesdays, I walk with a girlfriend for just over an hour.  We trade routes every other week, and this week was my turn to drive to her house and walk in her neighborhood. What is normally a ten minute drive was a 30 minute drive yesterday. The roads near both of our houses are ripped up, constituting a drive out-of-the-way to reach each other. Almost there, it started to rain. When I got there, we walked anyway, in the rain.

It was a wet, but enjoyable, quiet relief from dodging the orange cones and noise of the jack hammer.  I needed the relaxation and so did she.

The worst part is that I find people are driving very haphazardly! Is it due to all the rain? Is it due to the construction? I do not know for sure, but some of it is due to impatience.  Frustration and impatience are on the rise for the drivers in our town as we battle this construction during this spring and summer.

Just today, on the way home from buying annuals to plant in my garden, two nearly close calls had me gesticulating from the driver’s side of my car, while I watched an SUV approach me too rapidly from behind after I made a turn. I am not sure they had even seen me approach. I was turning left from an arm of the intersection that has the right of way.  This is a very strange intersection in our town. It is a three-way stop at a four-way intersection. What is usually an area that has a slight amount of risk in passing through, has grown exponentially in danger since the construction has started.  This is where I was almost rear-ended today. The driver caught my surprised gesticulation and backed off, accordingly. No vulgarity was involved.

However, almost immediately after that, another vehicle made a right hand turn in front of one of our school buses that was signaling a drop off with flashing red lights and a retractable stop sign that was extended.  I am hoping the bus driver caught her license plate. She definitely knew what she did and slowly pulled over – which was probably another dangerous decision, given the time of day.

I was glad to return home, safe. I have to be honest here and disclose that I am not a fan of all this growth and parallel need for construction in our town.  I will be more than happy when the construction ends and has no function, leaving us with wider – hopefully safer, roads on which to drive.

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