Have You Ever?

Have you ever dug around a container in your kitchen pantry looking for the elusive piece of chocolate, tea bag, or other such treat? This happened to me yesterday, as it occasionally does when I do not keep up regular grocery shopping.

Digging,  and more digging, to find one last tea bag of the type I prefer. The longer I have to dig, the more intense it becomes because I am not finding what I want. Digging, silently swearing, cursing myself for forgetting that one item on my grocery list that was important to me. Caffeinated, black tea of a certain brand is one of my top comfort foods.  I have roughly two to three cups a day and love the feel of the warm mug on my hands as they encircle the pottery that starts to radiate the heat from the brown liquid inside. Slowly, I bring the mug to my lips and blow to cool it off before I take the tiniest of sips. The hot, somewhat bitter liquid, rolls into the back of my mouth and down my throat, warming me from the inside, as I drink. It’s comforting and calming for me to drink tea.

It could be almost 90 degrees, like it was yesterday, and I still want my mug of hot tea. This is what stimulates the digging, digging, and more digging to find that one last tea bag of my preferred type of black tea in my pantry.

Luckily, yesterday, I found one. Just one tea bag. But one is enough to make my favorite cup of tea! One is enough to satisfy my need. One bag is enough to make me happy and content, until I go the cupboard again, and realize I still forgot to buy my preferred type of tea.

The digging is futile today. Off to the store, I must go!


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