Slice of Life and A Slice of Pie

It sometimes amazes me how fast my mood can change. Although I have experienced quicker mood swings, I definitely feel different today than I did yesterday. I am always left trying to figure out what triggered it or why I might be more grouchy one day than another.

Yesterday, I got up, did a few minor chores like making the bed and cleaning up the kitchen, and went to a coffee shop to have a latte while I caught up on some emails. In particular, I emailed one of my professors at the University where I am a graduate student in Environmental Education and Interpretation. I am trying to recruit a willing faculty member to mentor me while I conduct some research on my past garden club students and lessons. I would like to find out if their participation in garden club influenced them with regards to their environmental stewardship activities as young adults. I have a population of close to 500 students as a possible data collection base. This is the second time I have reached out to professors to see if they would take on the mentorship of  my project this fall.

I, then, had a fairly normal day. I went grocery shopping. I weeded my front perennial bed. I did some laundry. I wrote a blog post.  And, I picked just enough fresh blueberries from our bushes to add to the ones I already had in the refrigerator to make a blueberry pie. Those activities take us to almost 9pm last night.  My seventeen-year-old and a friend came back to the house from tennis practice and made omelets while we chatted in the kitchen. My husband took our youngest son to the activities code meeting for fall sports at the high school.  I watched about an hour of T.V. (the most I usually watch these days) and went to bed.

I did not sleep well. But, I had not slept well the night before, either. Still, I had a fine day yesterday – one full of activity, purpose, and even fun! So, why am I grouchy today?

Part of it might be that I heard back from one of the professors I emailed. She wants to see my research proposal to consider taking me on this fall for independent student credits. Her request to see my research proposal signifies some progress. But, beyond that, the remainder of the email was not encouraging.  So, I am left trying to decide whether I should just take another course instead of trying to involve people who are reluctant to invest in me. It is both frustrating and disappointing. There are few courses to choose from and the one I had planned on taking – Foundations of Gifted and Talented Education – is not being offered. It leaves me with Advanced Educational Psychology  or Collaborative Organizational Leadership. Neither thrill me like the prospect of taking the G & T course did.

The other part of the change in my mood might be just the recognition that summer is half over and we are headed into a transitional phase again.  Typically, I do not do well with transitions. Summer sports have ended and are nearly over. Fall sports are gearing up. Paper work, digital or otherwise, needs completing. Uniforms need to be ordered.  Progress on online summer course work for my youngest has been steady but slowed this last week. He needs to take a mid-term exam by the end of the week or he will be seriously behind. We need to schedule a few more college visits for our son soon to be a senior.  He needs to start working on college applications since a few of them are already open.

Laundry greeted me on the kitchen table this morning, as it did not make to the respective closets last night. We are missing twenty-two socks! Twenty-two! Where are they all?

All if all, things are good. But, I am grouchy. Today, I will try to snap out of my grouchy mood. Perhaps I will go make some jewelry – a hobby of mine that is satisfying and somewhat profitable.  Maybe, I will go pick some more blueberries. Maybe, I’ll decide on a course, and just pursue the research on my own. Maybe, I will just sit and read a good book.

Right now, I am going to make a pot of coffee and have a slice of that blueberry pie I made last night that was still too hot to serve by 10:30 p.m.. Surely, my mood will improve after eating something so yummy!


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  1. Every year I participate in an event on the 3rd Sunday in July. To me, this marks the halfway point in summer and I am also feeling a little wistful. The summer is half over and what have I accomplished? I hope the pie helped and that someone comes through for you as a mentor.

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  2. Been in your shoes on many an occasion. Trust me when I tell you….its normal. Yes, so many blessings so why am I not happy and joyful each day? I don’t know, but what I do know, you are looking at it with a positive perspective. Change can and does hamper our moods. Enjoy that coffee, really enjoy that pie; which incidentally, I am totally coveting right now! Enjoy the day, enjoy the changes. Know you have a friend!

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  3. Pie + coffee = what’s right in the world. I’d have added a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but that’s just me. First, how lucky are you to have the ability to pick blueberries?!? 🙂 I tried with blueberry bushes here in Iowa, but was fairly unsuccessful, so anytime I see fresh, I’m jealous! I’m with you on the beginning of the end of summer. I took a class, then suddenly it was July 16, and I had a month left before the beginning of the school year. What. The. Heck. So, I’m going to do my commenting, then go out into the heat and take a good hard bike ride to sweat out my bad mood! 🙂

    Thank you for the slice (though the picture doesn’t do that pie justice!).

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    1. Thanks! I hear you with the class issue….I took a summer session class as well….3 credits in 6 weeks….ending July 9th. So, maybe that was part of my problem, too! Anyway, the blueberry pie did the trick….I was so proud it wasn’t runny! :O Enjoy your bike ride…hot here in WI, too!

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  4. Yum! Blueberry pie! I hope that helped. I know what you mean about transition periods. It always takes me a few weeks to adjust again when we start back to school or the schedule changes.

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