Siding Sacrifice

This morning, just as I sat down to type up answers to a batch of new garden based math questions I developed for enrichment, I got distracted.

As I sat down, with my anniversary roses in front of me, out of the corner of my eye I saw my husband of thirty years outside our kitchen window chopping off branches from one of my hydrangeas that had just started to bloom. Coincidentally, the variety of hydrangea was named Little Lamb.  Quickly, I opened the window and moaned, “Really?”

“Yes,” he replied. I can’t get to where I need to work. “Sorry.”

I quickly made movements to go outside and gather up the cut branches that had now become sacrificial flowers for our siding job.  “Can I have them, then?” I asked.  And not waiting for a response, I went about trimming the woody stems and stripping the leaves, knowing I could make a lovely bouquet to enjoy for a few days inside the house.

They are lovely, white, and very pure in appearance – like the little lambs for which they are named. I trimmed as many as I could and put them in a vase with some water, placing them on our entryway table, a table made my handy husband.

This weekend is one of our local premier art events, Art Fair on the Green, held on the campus of UW-LaCrosse. It is a juried art show, one in which my husband has sold his handcrafted, solid wood, fine furniture at in the past. He will not be featured in the show this year. Besides having to work his requisite weekend shifts, he is also in the middle of this huge home improvement project – replacing our siding – the siding that has now accrued some sacrifices. Flowers and furniture for the art show are tangible sacrifices. But, there have been intangible ones as well – namely, time and energy.

The siding replacement looks fabulous and we are lucky my husband is handy enough to pursue a job as large as this one. Our home will have a new look to it come fall. The beautiful sacrifices are worth it.


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