Silent Sunday: More Beautiful Bermuda

Last Night Sunset. August 2017.


© J. Labuzzetta, 2017. Moongate.


trail to the lighthouse Bermuda17
© Carol Labuzzetta, Trail to the LIghthouse from Hotel, Bermuda. 2017.
Tabacco Bay 2017
© Azure Waters. Tabacco Bay. Bermuda. 2017.
The Dockyard Bermuda 2017
© Royal Navy Dockyard Grounds, Bermuda. 2017.
St. Peter's in 2017
© St. Peter’s Church. One of the Oldest in the New World, Bermuda, 2017.
National Museum at Dockyard 2017
© National Museum. Bermuda, 2017.
America's Cup Race Kite 2017
© Carol Labuzzetta, Kite from the America’s Cup Race, 2017. Bermuda.
Pretty Bermuda Houses 2017
© Pretty Pastels and White Roofs, Bermuda. 2017. 
The Dockyard. National Museum 2017
© National Museum at the Dockyard, Bermuda, 2017.
St. George Local Reststop 2017
© Local Reststop, St. George. Bermuda. 2017.
Hotel Beach Pink Sand Bermuda 17
© Pink Sand Beach at Hotel, Southhampton, Bermuda. 2017.
Beer Glass in Bermuda Pub ? Badger ? 2017
© Carol Labuzzetta. Huh? Beer Served Badger Style in Bermuda. 2017.
Bermuda Ferry View 2017
© Clear Blue. Bermuda. 2017.

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