Gel-ing: A Soccer Poem

The season is early,

but it seems real.

The soccer team is gelling,

Oh, yes – they are!

Trapping the ball,

Looking First.

Shooting Next.

You have time.

Completing passes.

Blocking shots.

Might this group have it all?

It is thrilling to realize,

the group seems as one.

No selfish plays,

no ball hoggish days.

Just playing with your


One for all


All for one.

Did the coaches do it?

Convince them to act?

Act as a team, no

selfishness in sight.



What wonderful plays

we see tonight!

Keep it up, guys.

Everyone counts.

How far you can go?

We are rooting for each of you,

do you not know?

Each of you need to avoid the low.

Act as one. Act as a team.

It will take you far. It will build

the team in self-esteem.

A joy to watch!

The team is gelling, as the goalie shouts.





The season is young, but so are you.

Keep it up boys! We are watching you!

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