Accepting a Helping Hand

Due to a sequence of personal events this week, I had a lesson in asking for and accepting help from others.  During the last few days, I needed assistance with the activities of daily living, or ADL’s, as we used to call them when I was a nurse. It is an odd feeling to go from complete independence to being dependent on others for meals, transportation, and even getting to the bathroom.

I have never been good at asking for help.  I know there are many reasons for this but I suppose it boils down to being part of my perfectionist personality. Years of being able to do things on my own, and do them well, really cemented independence as one of my character traits.  I guess I thought needing help was a sign of weakness, so I never asked, even when I could have used some assistance in the past. In the process, usually do I  not only take care of myself, but others in my immediate family, as well.  So, this week has been a lesson for them, too.  Mom was “out of commission” so everyone else had to step up their game.

And, you know what?!  It happened without a hitch. Laundry has been kept up – even the daily grind of soccer uniforms and work out clothes. Meals have been graciously made and delivered by dear friends.  Unbelievably, the kitchen has been left cleaner than ever once the meals are finished. It was fun to have my 17-year-old (who keeps talking about being an adult in only a few short weeks) make my meal for me last night and clean up our dishes before starting homework. It became a time to talk and bond, allowing me an insight to the young man he is becoming and wants to be.

All this assistance allowed me to do what I was told this week by those who would thankfully only briefly touch my life but do so in a powerful and memorable way.  Over and over I was told “You Take Care of You.” And so, I have.

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