WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Since I am usually so gung ho to capture a photo of something that dilates my eye, it is not unusual for me to be seen shooting through windows – in the car, on a plane, or in my living room that has a large “picture” window that used to look over a beautiful coulee. So, the challenge for me, in this challenge, will be to find the few photos (or take some new ones) I wish to share. Be back in a little bit…….

Windows – WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Minnesota Summer out a Car Window, 2017 © Carol Labuzzetta
Fall in the Midwest, Captured out my Bedroom Window, 2015 © Carol Labuzzetta
February Sky out the Patio Window, 2015 © Carol Labuzzetta
Window of a Lighthouse, Bermuda © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Angel in the Morning (out my livingroomm window), © Carol Labuzzetta, 2015
Rainbow in the evening (out my kitchen window), © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Cows on the Move, as taken over our Dashboard Window in the Car Passenger Seat, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Snowstorm in Ames, Iowa from a Car Window, 2013. © Carol Labuzzetta
Above the Clouds, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2016
Canopy of Trees on Kauai from the Car, 2013. © Carol Labuzzetta

 The Storm Moves in, Kitchen Window Scene, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017

As you can see, I had fun with the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge of Windows.

My collection of photos out a variety of windows at home and away is varied, based on landscape and nature, and speaks to me of my own experience, even if it does not speak to others. It captures that moment in time when I could not wait to snap a shot of something – a place, a time, an event, a thing – that is memorable to me.  I hope you enjoy the shots. One thing is for sure – my collection will continue to grow!

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