Bermuda Perfumeries….then and now.

The island of Bermuda is one of my favorite places in the world! It has pastel painted houses with white roofs, scented air from the local sub-tropical, brightly colored flora, and a welcoming native people who have retained their civility over years of an increasingly large tourist population.

When we first visited, thirty years ago, our budget was tight so we opted for tours that were both enjoyable and affordable. My memory fails where we saw the line of Royal Lyme aftershave products for men, but we bought some for my husband, and I believe father and father in law, as a memento from our trip. This was back in 1987. I have memories of touring a “factory” type production with the scents – all Royall products – on display. I cannot find anything that resembles or jogs my memory as to where this was on the island. Royall Lyme and other Royall products ceased productions in Bermuda and are now made in New York, exactly when this took place, I do not know. Some of the company’s history – which claims a “prestigious line of gentleman’s toiletries” can be found on the Royall Lyme company’s website.

On our third trip, this summer, my husband and I hopped off the bus in St. George and immediately saw a sign for the Bermuda Perfumery.  He said, “Do you want to go and check it out?” Of course, my reply was, “Yes, let’s do it!”

St. George Local Reststop 2017

So, down the cobbled street we wandered, which was barely wide enough for one car, let alone two vehicles and a couple of pedestrians. Quaintness whispers from the accompanying alleys.  Straight away, we entered a neatly turned out white and black shuttered building – The Bermuda Perfumery.  I am sad to tell you that most of my photos are corrupted from this last trip, so I cannot show you the lovely building. You can see it on the perfumery’s Facebook page, however, in their photo section.

Upon entering, it appears to be an old house, converted into a showroom for the perfumes made now by – Lili Bermuda.  At first, we did not find what we were looking for – Royall Lyme aftershave. After inquiring, we were informed by the very pleasant sales person that Royall Lyme was made by an entirely different company! Our mistake.

However, here we were, in the Bermuda Perfumery. I made quick work of my shopping, spending some of my closely protected vacation funds on a soap set for my sister-in-law, a sampler of scents, and what I thought was a specially wrapped bar of soap – which turned out to be a bottle of Passion Flower Perfume! It just smelled too good to leave without marking the occasion with some purchases. The young sales person left us to our wanderings in the front two rooms of the house – giving us time to sample and decide. I was somewhat worried about taking liquid pack on the plane, so that prompted my decision to purchase a “Lili Bermuda Perfume Library” – which gives you samples of eleven of the different scents.  Some are unisex, such as Fresh Water, which was my favorite while in the store. It is a crisp, citrusy, clean scent – the type I have always been drawn to wearing.


After getting home, I gave my sister-in-law the soaps, and started using my fragrance library – with my preference – Freshwater, first.  A couple of weeks after settling in to our routines at home, I opened the box I thought was a special bar of soap in order to pamper myself.  To my surprise, it was a bottle of perfume – Passion Flower!  It had gotten through customs without any problems (in my carry-on). Lucky me!


Recently, having scents available to wear from The Bermuda Perfumery has kept the island in my mind….as well as in my heart, where it has already been for the last thirty years!



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