Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: Scale

For my scale photo challenge submissions, you will find how large bamboo can be, as compared to humans (Kauai, 2013).


2) How small chairs in an outdoor cafe in Den Haag look compared to trees and skyscrapers. (The Netherlands, 2016).


3) Bricks, people, new skyscrapers, streetlights, and centuries old Trinity Church in New York City (NYC, 2013).


4) The tiniest of monarch caterpillars _ there are four – on huge leaves, next to my fingers.  (Summer, 2017). And, next to a dime (Summer, 2017).

threelarvaetiny2017two very early larva 2017

5) Kiragami Graduated Pinwheel set. (2012).


6) The same lighthouse near and far on a North Sea Beach in The Netherlands. (2016). This shows how proximity influences scale.

7) Humankind and our structures are small, in the grand scheme of things.                (Summer, 2017).


8) Proximity of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse on Bermuda influencing scale. (August, 2017).

8) Big river, small river. Big Barge, small barge. It all depends on how you look at it.  (Effigy Mounds National Monument overlooking the Mississippi River, 2016).


This scale and how I see it.  Inspired by the Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: Scale.

All photographs are copyright protected by Carol Labuzzetta, with all rights reserved and no permission to reproduce. Thank you.

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