Ten Things I (re)Learned in the Last Ten Days

Tuesdays are always a day I put a little more consideration into the topic on which I will write. It is because the piece will also be posted to the Slice Of Life Tuesdays blog forum from TwoWritingTeachers in which other educators also post their pieces. We share ideas, feelings, lesson plans, challenges, and rewards all in a slice of writing about a piece of our life.  I try to write something related to the world of education on Tuesdays for the feedback from other bloggers is useful and friendly.  This week, since I have not written a list style post in a while, and I was also thinking about little, but important things I have recently been reminded, I would post those. And, yes, some are cliche’ – I think they bear repeating.

10. Life is short. Do not sweat the small stuff. Appreciate each and every day.

9. Do not let your passion for a subject overtake your life.

8. Live in Balance. Stop to appreciate nature. Relaxation is as important as hard work.

7. Even when you are trying to do good, someone will think otherwise.

6. Hug your children. They need it. And, so do you. Hug them tight.

5. Negative posts need to be balanced with positive posts.  Hopefully, one does not garner more attention than the other.

4. Good friends rise to the surface when you need them, and this make me so grateful.

3. When one door closes, another opens – almost always.

2. If computer networks fail, we are all in trouble. Big Trouble.

1.  The written word is powerful, but maybe not as powerful as a good conversation.

16 thoughts

  1. I love that you took the time to reflect on the lessons you learn through your daily life. I totally agree about balancing negative posts with positive posts. And friends are such a sturdy shelter for us when we need them!


    1. Thank you! Yes, I realized that in an effort and desire to “fix” things, my posts might take on a negative bent, especially from an educational standpoint. In my post yesterday, I shared something positive and that got a better response. We all want to share the good stuff, as well as try and fix the things that are not working well. My friends are true gifts!


  2. Love the list format! #5 is sooo important, but hard to balance, especially if the negative comes first! I just commented on another post about losing internet connection – great way to get STEM time in the classroom! We had the best challenges last year – have a lot of work to do this year with my current class! There’s hope for #2! Thanks!

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  3. I need to print out this list and put it in my writer’s notebook! #3 resonates with me because I can think of so many times when a door closed and I was so impatient that I couldn’t appreciate the opportunities presented by that closed door.

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    1. Thanks! I will be writing more about the door that opens after one shuts, but I am not quite ready, yet. I think it is a normal response to “shut down” from anger, disappointment, a sense of failure, or whatever else you might think caused the door to close. We all do it. Keeping an open mind, being patient, and maybe just the passage of time helped me. So often, we “jump” to replace what is lost behind the closed door. I would encourage the waiting, actually. Good to hear from you! Thanks, again!


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