Slice of Life: Tuesday Post. A New School Garden & AP Classes – What do you think?

Today, I offer a Slice of Life Tuesday post that is two-pronged.  In one prong, I ask for you to share your experience with me for a future post. The second prong entails telling what I did yesterday – an old activity, in a new place!

Prong One: Currently, I am working a post about Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The post is already quite lengthy. I have three boys, all of which have taken Advanced Placement courses, one as early as Freshman year in high school. What is your experience, as a teacher or a parent, with advanced placement courses?  As each child is different, our experience has changed with student, even though the course might be the same, or even taught by the same teacher. Are you aware that colleges are changing what is offered to students coming in with AP credits? Do you recommend this path to your students or your own children?  What tips would you offer parents and students with regard to considering an AP course?  And, finally, how are the AP courses weighted at your HS?  If you could share your experience as a teacher or parent in the comment section, it would be much appreciated. I will incorporate some of the best suggestions or insights regarding advanced placement courses as part of my comprehensive post on the subject.

Prong Two:  Yesterday, I gardened! For two hours, I went to a garden at a new school where I have just been hired as their Garden Club Advisor in a co-curricular capacity.  The gardens at this new school are pretty extensive – much bigger and more complex than the garden I tended at another school for the last 13 years. To be honest, it is intimidating. But, due to the impending colder weather and eventually, snow, I jumped in to start winterizing it. It was 38 degrees!

Four of five tea roses were pruned. Balsam was cut back. Dill was pulled out where it had already succumbed to an early frost. Milkweed pods were saved, after the stems were cut off.  This garden has themed areas. Primarily, yesterday, I worked in the French garden.  But, this boarders on the Peace Pole Garden and Monarch Way Station part of the garden.  There is much to do. The garden is in a near by district, about ten miles from my house. It is an international elementary school – a school of choice for residents. The gardens, developed by those before me, have embraced the global theme, reflecting the same value as the classes being offered inside the building. Besides the French garden, Peace Pole garden, and Monarch Way Station, the gardens reflect other places, ethnicities, and cultures too. Some of the other countries that are represented in the gardens are Norway, Germany, Russia, Ireland, and China.  Placement of the gardens (I am told), and of course, the plants, have changed over time.

It will take me time to learn any new plants and culture of the school.  But, I have to say that yesterday, in the sunny, crisp, fall air, I really enjoyed being in the garden. I am grateful to have this new opportunity.

I want to thank the TwoWritingTeachers for offering the chance to connect with other bloggers/educators once a week, on Tuesday, for a Slice of Life!

2 thoughts

  1. Congratulations! Your new position sounds like an exciting opportunity!

    I look forward to reading your future post about AP courses because as an elementary teacher, I know very little about AP courses-mainly what I know has been gleaned from conversations with friends who have high-school age children. I look forward to being enlightened on this topic!

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