Growing up I was fascinated by the story of the Nutcracker. It seemed so magical that one could come to life! The story still holds some of that Christmas magic for me. Over the years, I have collected many different Nutcrackers. It started innocently enough; I think by my mom giving me one or two in Christmases past, just after we moved to the mid-west.  Then, she gave one to each of my boys, several years in a row. At first, those nutcrackers had a theme, usually something my children were interested at the time they were given. They were firemen, artists, basketball players, bakers, soldiers, and musicians.



Each year, they are among the first decorations I put out and one of the last to put away. They are not the really expensive German nutcrackers that could really crack a nut, but those found at Target, Kohl’s, and in catalogs like Lillian Vernon.  IMG_0791

Right now, I have 23 Nutcrackers on a shelf in our family room! I have never thought much about this collection, other than I have it and enjoy getting it out each year.  One thing is for sure, and that is if I  receive any more or buy any more for myself (which has been very rare), I will need more space! The twenty-three take up the entire shelf and it already looks overcrowded. Do you think nutcrackers mind overcrowding???? I think not, probably only if they come to life! Ahhh, there’s that magic again!  My favorite nutcracker from the group I have is the Mouse King…….for merely the reason that he is true representation of the Nutcracker story.


If I ever visit Germany, – I was close in The Netherlands – you can be sure I will be on the lookout for a real Nutcracker!  My only stipulations are that he be handsome and able to crack some nuts!


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