The Daily Post, Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: Ascend

The Daily Post on WordPress, Weekly Photo Challenge for the week of December 13th is Ascend. Here are my interpretations of the word through my photographs.

“Ascend” while hiking Brady’s Bluff. 2016. © Carol Labuzzetta
trail to the lighthouse Bermuda17
                        “Ascend” the stairs at the Fairmount SouthHampton Princess Hotel, Bermuda,                                     ©  Carol Labuzzetta, 2017.
“Ascend” Lifeguard Tower, 2012, La Jolla Cove Beach © Carol Labuzzetta
 “Bald Eagle Ascend” 2017, Mid-Western Coulee © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Ascend (or Descend), 185 Steps, at Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Bermuda, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2017
Rocket Launch, 2015. “Ascend”  © Carol Labuzzetta
Rocket Launch II, “Ascend” © Carol Labuzzetta, 2015.

Inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend.

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