Christmas Without Our Cats

This is the first Christmas is 15 years we have not had our pet cats stirring up trouble at holiday time. Unfortunately, both died this past year. Clark died first in March and then, Lewis passed away in my arms in June. Here is what I miss about having them around during the Christmas season.

Excitement: Even in their old age, they became playful when I unwrapped our tree ornaments, hiding in the tissue paper and then chasing it around the floor with the gusto of a small kitten. Then, a true “cat” nap was entailed before I felt like I could clean it up.

Sitting in any Available Box: Any cat lover knows that if there is an available open box, your cat will do anything possible to squeeze themselves into it and then attempt to appear comfortable and sleeping.  Lewis was famous for this. No box was too small for his ample cat body!


Lazy Naps Under the Tree: Both cats relished in being able to squeeze in between the wrapped presents under the tree, pick a spot and take a nap or observe the room from their “protected” vantage point. This year, in their absence, I have noted that I have yet to put any wrapped gifts under our tree.  I have not quite figured this out yet, but a beginning to think it has something to do with the cats not being here.

DSC_0252 copy

Ornament Tipping: When they were younger, we’d get up and find an unsuspecting ornament or two knocked down from their proper placement on an evergreen branch. Some years, it was the same ornament, knocked down over and over!  They did not seem to have the energy or care to do this in the last few years.

Poinsettia Eating: My poinsettia’s have uneaten leaves this year; they are not being stressed by felines munching on them. Despite snacking on a plant that made them vomit, both Lewis and Clark would help themselves to my poinsettias, year after year.  Regularly, we would hear the noise of a gag and regurgitation amidst the Christmas music.  Mucous stained with red and green poinsettia bracts were inevitably found on the carpet. They never learned not to eat this plant, despite it making them sick, and never got sick enough to make me stop buying poinsettias.

Cat Stockings: Buying a few cat treats for them to eat on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Even though these were not a huge “hit” with our pet cats, I bought them none-the-less. I miss having them in my shopping cart.

I am not sure if I am the only one noticing the changes around our house without the cats, but I do notice. I miss them and their antics – even if they did make kind of a mess!

Missing you Lewis and Clark – Merry Christmas!

Thank you both for the years of memories & love.



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