Favorite Christmas Movies

My son came home from school yesterday and said he did well on some kind of in class Christmas movie trivia contest his teacher had on Kahoot.  I laughed at it because he had me pegged, stating that he told his teacher that it isn’t Christmas in our house until we have watched White Christmas at least three times! This is so true! It is my favorite Christmas movie! The story it tells is entertaining and just makes me smile! I also enjoy the musical aspect of it.

We have watched Elf or part of it a few times, The Santa Clause 1 and 2, at least in part a couple of times, and most of It’s a Wonderful Life. I am due to watch White Christmas! I mentioned watching it last night but then got started frosting and flooding snowflake cookies, so enjoying White Christmas never happened.

There are lots of Christmas movies. An all time family favorite is Sound of Music. When my oldest son was very young, we must have watched this movie literally a couple hundred times!  We also own Miracle on 34th Street and When the Grinch Stole Christmas (the short-cartoon type version), the latter of which gets watched at least once during the holiday season, even though I have teens and young adults in my house. Polar Express is always fun to watch, inspiring a sense of wonder and joy for me, each time I see it.  We do like The Santa Clause movies, as well.

Another favorite of mine is Scrooge (adapted from the novel A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens) with Alastair Sim. There have been a lot of versions of Scrooge over the years, most of which I have viewed. I like the one with from 1951, with Alastair Sim as Scrooge, the best. My son relayed to me that the movie questions he missed were mostly from Scrooge. He doesn’t recall seeing it. Of course, he has seen it! It just might have been sometime ago. I usually end up watching it alone, just because I am the one that likes it. However, the subject of Dickens and A Christmas Carol did get me to thinking of books I read in high school like A Tale of Two Cities and Grapes of Wrath (Steinbeck), that might be worth exposing all students to again.  Books before movies; I guess I am dating myself.

Anyway, I would have to say that White Christmas and Scrooge are my two most favorite Christmas movies. What is your favorite Christmas movie? You can leave your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks and Merry Christmas, Every One!




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