A Mixed Up Day

Today is a mixed up day.

It started about an hour and a half after the time I normally arise.

I was greeted with bright sunshine peeking through my blinds.

But, the thermometer said it was 10 below zero!

There is no need to make lunches or get to school on time.

There are four vehicles parked in my driveway, and five drivers in my house.

All of the cars are dirty.

My mom called……to tell me it is 36 below zero in Fargo. This I do not need to know!

The post office is open. And, so is the bank.

It is not a Sunday, but a Wednesday! However, I just wrote that it was Thursday!

I had to correct myself.

I walked with my friend on the track at the YMCA, instead of around her neighborhood.

This is a first.  Even with a friend, the track is boring.

Dieting stinks. It is hard to feel satisfied on 1200 calories.

But, I will try.

Fruit will be my friend.

A guitar is restrung and tuned.

Earlier this week, a flute was played, along with lovely piano notes.

The piano completed the holiday.

Yes, it is a mixed up day, on a mixed up week – the zone between last year and next.

Waiting for time to elapse, muscles to tone, pounds to shed, and the temperature to rise.

The end of December is a mixed up time.

The future awaits.



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