Stream of Consciousness Writing For a Winter Day

This morning I feel like I am just spinning my wheels.

Flitting from project to project and not focusing or getting much done.

I do have things to do, too.

February brings participation in a local “maker” show with my handcrafted jewelry.

March brings two presentations on gardening for a local conference of the same theme.

Both events I could be preparing for, but am not at this moment.

A new job prospect, necessitating my resume to be revised.

A grocery list is made, shopping to be done.

But, it’s almost noon and still minus two degrees!

I think I will stay home until after lunch.

Closer due dates loom.

A garden club lesson on Tuesday – I need to watch a PBS movie on Carnivorous Plants.

Venus Fly Traps, Sundews, Bladderworts, and Pitcher Plants are all on the agenda.

A cootie catcher with meat-eating plant facts will be our project but the prototype still sits in my head.

Christmas decorations still adorn my home.

A later than usual December decorating day, keeps the glitter and lights a litter longer

into the new year.

Laundry piles. The ever-present job calls me but I ignore.

Soon, I will get moving. But, not yet.

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