What Guides the Wine You Drink?

I thought it might be fun to do a post on wine.

If I am going to imbibe, it is my preferred drink.

Self Imposed Wine Buying Guidelines: Do You Have Any?

My own guidelines come down to one basic factor – and that is taste. If I like the taste of my glass of wine, I will drink it and buy it again. It doesn’t matter if it is a $5.00 glass, $15.00 glass, or $50.00 glass (actually, it might at this price but I’ve never had a glass of wine that expensive.) And, I will probably buy the wine I like to drink to take to my host as a dinner guest.  But, I have noticed others  have different wine buying and, even, giving guidelines.

What guidelines do you follow for buying wine?

Sharing wine? Drinking wine?

  • Price? You know, do you believe the higher the price, the better the wine?

    • I don’t. My college years were spent (I was legal in college, all four years) drinking New York State wines which are vitually unheard of in the mid-west.

  • Taste? If you like it, that’s all that matters. Right?

    • I have found what I like, most people don’t. I like a dry, but smooth wine that is not too sweet or fruity. . Over the years, I have changed (or maybe evolved) from a Chardonnay kind of gal to a more complex Merlot or Malbec woman!  Recently, I have really enjoyed some of the complex red blends that are available.

  • Shareability? If you take it somewhere is it opened and shared?

    • This has not my experience. The wine I bring is generally not opened.  Yes, I have noticed. It gives me the feeling I am not buying the “right” wine. Actually, I’ve started to wonder what is wrong with it.  This is so true that I have started to bring an alternative beverage instead of wine.  I have not been that cheap, spending anywhere from $9-$21.00 on a bottle to take as a diner guest. These are “sale prices”, too.  I think it is a reasonable price.

    • So, what is the proper guest etiquette here? Do I ask to drink my own bottle? To have it opened even though I will probably not have more than a glass or two? I seriously do not know what is proper. And, does it even matter? Should I care if the bottle I bring is opened or not?

    • 24232073_1503198089718153_5952511131114224914_n

  • Source?   Do you belong to a wine club? Is that the only place you buy from or do you buy from the grocery store or liquor store?  How about Sam’s Club? Where do you get your wine? Seriously, does the source matter?  I have never belonged to a wine club. But, I have bought wines at Sam’s Club, the grocery store which in our area of the country is the place that sells beer and wine, and liqour stores (which is more of an east coast ritual, as I was reminded when I went back to Rochester NY last fall).

    How about coastal varieties?  Are you a California wine person? Or are you a South American wine variety lover? Australian?  French? Spain? Where do the wines you drink originate from?

  • Recommendations? Do you buy wine based on the Wine Spectator ratings? Or the recommendations of family or friends? I almost never have relied on the recommendations of others for my wine purchases because I like a drier wine than most.  Their recommendationws would not help me.

  • Local wineries? My friends might be surprised that I have never been to the local Elmaro Vineyards, although I have had their wine.  I have actually never frequented any local winery.  Two summers ago, on a family vacation to Door County, I dragged my husband to a wine bar tasting. He was bored and I bought wines that ended up being too sweet for me. Although I might enjoy a local winery, I do not think  my husband would. Maybe he would if they also had some beer! I will have to keep in mind some friends for this adventure next summer.

    summer wine sipping

So, when I decide to imbibe,  I please my palate first. But, fortunately, I have found plenty of wines between 9 and 15 dollars a bottle that are very tasty.  My internal debate surrounds whether I should just keep the wine at home and bring my host something they are more likely to drink, even if it is something I won’t.  Thoughts?

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