Good Friends

Lately, while being in somewhat of a slump, I realized I have really good friends. Friends that know me so well, they know what will make me happy. Today, for my Slice of Life post, I thought I would share some things my friends have done to let me know they care for me.

A few months ago, my friend gave me milkweed seeds for my birthday. This gift was not just a couple of packets of seeds but enough seeds to fill 100 packets to package. As I was getting ready for presenting at a conference yesterday, I packaged the seeds and gave them away on my handout table!  Many thanks to my friend.  She helped me spread the word about planting milkweed and efforts to save the Monarch Butterfly!

Last week, two different friends posted short video clips to my FB page about the Monarchs “wakening” from their overwintering slumber in Mexico. It was a joyous sight. Monarchs are headed north now.  We will see them here in a couple of months (hopefully). I know my gardens of milkweed and flowers will be ready for them!

I received kind words of encouragement on days I was down. My friend who walks with me once a week was okay with my need to take a break from our weekly outing just because life got busy. We resume our walking today.  Thank you for waiting for me, dear friend.

My husband, who is also my best friend, has agreed to walk with me on my schedule, not his. I am not a morning person, while he is. He’d prefer to get up and out to walk. I would rather do it in the afternoon or early evening as we did Friday night at 8pm! It is a small but kind gesture that speaks to his love for me. Our walking is for our mutual exercise and health!

Through my friends, I’ve learned of the importance of being a good listener. We all need to know we are valued, that what we say matters, and be given the time to say it. This is something I grapple with in my daily life. Sometimes, people are too busy to really listen and hear what you are saying. As I try to listen to others, I hope others will listen to me. I also realize I need to position myself in a way I can be heard. Important stuff.  I am trying to listen more and speak only when I need to. It is difficult, but doable.

I have friends who supported my efforts at the gardening conference yesterday at which I spoke.  Even though they were not there in person, I know they were in spirit.  They know my passion. It was so good for me to feel like I was making a contribution at the conference and be valued for it. I realize this is something I need on a more regular basis.

My blogging friends consistently read what I write. I am so thankful for those friends. Writing has become an important part of my daily life. While I’d like to think everyone important to me reads my blog, I know it not to be the case. Still, I feel compelled to write.

My friends are good to me. I appreciate them all. Thank you!
















10 Thoughts

      1. It’s ok. And it’s possible that it’s SAD. Even if it’s not, psych docs tell us that this is the most difficult time of the year, especially the month of February.
        Hope you are on your way up and out!

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      2. Even though I thought our winter was bright and sunny and SAD was not it, I am reconsidering it. I know my attitude is affected greatly by the holidays and goes down from there. February is a long month…..I know that walking more is helping. I also need more ways to get out of the house and contribute my knowledge in some meaningful ways. The conference was so good for me in that respect. Thanks for your note!

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  1. What a powerful and positive post. I’m so glad that you have wonderful people in your life to support you through your slump. My favourite line in here is “We all need to know we are valued, that what we say matters, and be given the time to say it.” May we all find this!

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